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I said YES to the dress?! || Wedding Dress Shopping + Ideas #Fairytalefridays

Hiiiiiiii guys!!! So sorry this video is a small late…techinical troubles! You have no concept how extremely amazing dress buying was! I’m definitely fairly sad that I will never ever be wedding dress buying ever once more…omg how sad!! This was one thing I had been dreaming of given that I was a tiny girl and it certainly exceeded my expectations! All of the bridal boutiques I went to were totally incredible and good and made me feel unique so Large shoutout to them! I certainly didn’t put MY dress in this video soooo you are going to have to wait till my wedding day to locate out!

Let me know which dress was your preferred!

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Bridal boutiques:
Magnolia Bridal
Archive Bridal
The Dress Theory
Elle Bridal
The White Flower (I bought my dress here!)
The Bustle

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  1. OMG Plz tell what is the name and store you tried on the dress at 9:53. plz i LOVE that dress and i want it for my wedding!

  2. country peach91

    absolutely gorgeous I love the lace ones but I’m biased lol
    I get married in october 2017
    I got my dream dress that had every single detail I wanted in July so like 15 months before my wedding lol

  3. beatlebabe1969

    Everything’s ready for my wedding…. but where can I buy a good husband? All the ones I looked at were cheap and low quality…. 😭🔫

  4. Binh Truong

    You can always have another wedding like I did Hahaha! I totally want a third wedding….maybe for my vow renewal. Btw you look lovely in all the dresses I cannot choose.

  5. thanks for showing the dresses in the first 30 seconds so I didn’t have to see the whole video. nobody has time to watch a 22 minutes log video 😅😂

  6. Taylor Rose

    I’m 12 months out and I just chose my dress today, I was not about to wait till the last minute and have chances of it not being ready! I’m quite short so I have many alterations that will have to be done on top of waiting for it. I agree buying it as soon as you can. I didn’t want straps but I ended up choosing one that did, I never saw myself with a dress like that but I fell in love.

  7. shoppingaftermath

    Oh my goodness you looked so happy! Congrats! 🙂 Where did you get your blouse from, by the way, that crosses near the bust, or is it a bralette? 🙂

  8. Hello from France, thanks to share this amazing and personnal moment with us :). Do you still remember the reference oh the first dress? It was just stunning.
    I wish you all the best 🙂

  9. The Dream Wedding Store

    OMG! This video is so beautiful! We help make celebrations like this even more magical (without spending a fortune)! Click here to find out more…

  10. Evalina Arenivaz

    I recognized that hayley paige dress instantly <3 its my dream dress and seeing it in a video just made me love it more so beautiful congratulations your going to be a gorgeous bride!

  11. Athanasia Art


  12. MissKayysBeauty

    8:41 is GORGEOUSS!!!!!!!! 10:01 is the dress of my dreams ive been stalmking websites to find this dress omg this dress is soooooo pretty

  13. Olga Correia

    HOW COULD YOU DECIDE can you make a tips video for people in the audience because my cousins wedding is in November and I don’t know what to wear

  14. This is the first video I’ve watched of your channel, but I loved it! I love the dresses you tried on at Magnolia Bridal! By any chance do you know the designers of the dresses you tried on there? I am curious about #1, 2, 3, and 5 (the ballgown was #5!) Thank you!

  15. Theresa Anyanwu

    I watched this video so long ago but I still come back to it from time to time because of how gorgeous you looked in your dresses! 🙂 This has been the best dress inspo ever! I was wondering if you could please tell me the designer of the dress at 3:50? Thank you!

  16. You look beautiful in all of these! I’m obsessed with wedding dresses. I don’t ever plan on getting married but damn I want a wedding dress – To just drink beers in Monica and Rachel style – Or can’t we just have wedding ceremonies without getting actually married? Would love that 😛

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