I guess she didn’t like my honeymoon destination!

Nowadays I gave Jen some clues on where we are going on our honeymoon…apparently that wasn’t what she was expecting!

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From: Brad Holmes



  1. alexlondonaviationpro

    Why would he take her to Butlins that is not a honeymoon holiday its a family resort. To go on proper honeymoon holiday it should be either Caribbean Mauritius Mexico Asia or Australia.

  2. EnLiGhTeNME

    English humor is different than ours.. This may seem mean but trust me people.. she had it coming. Brad my friend, you deserve dummer. You’ve earned it man.

  3. What did poor old Butlins do to deserve being dragged through the mud. They’re just minding they’re own business being the “ Mexico of England”. I have it on good authority that they’re going to put nice things out.

  4. brad that’s actually so mean, if it’s really your honey moon then that’s so mean! Butlins is where families go and relax in the summer holidays. Not honey moons. That’s so terrible. Poor woman :/

  5. Totally recommend mexico there is the most beautiful places biches on both sides of the country they even have caves with blue water on it archeological sites all over from the mayans and also the money £1 will give you like $25 pesos

  6. Wolfgang Breitenseher

    My fatherly instincts are kicking in when I see this 🙂 How do you feel brad? Is it sometimes that you have pity with her?

  7. Joseph Thompson

    If that was acting she was fucking great. But that was NOT acting!!! She looked mad and crushed. If I were her I would have kicked him in the balls. I would have given her a hug and comfort her. Just because I am gay doesn’t mean I wouldn’t kick his ass for that. Brad you are an abusive ass douche! Poor Jen.

  8. Not cool… She wants Mexico… Take her to Mexico… Jen! When you get tired of that bloke… Look me up..
    We’ll take a Caribbean cruise…

  9. Rudy Valentin

    Brad you got a lot of growing up to do. You are a major prick. That girl is going to leave you one day when you least expect it. It seems that you’re the actual dumbass.

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