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My name is Barbara Esses and I do events for a living. I am Ruthie Hecht I am an event planner and I work with and for my mother. We’re going to teach you the do’s and don’ts for the ideal wedding. In order to make your wedding ceremony the best it could possibly be, the important factor to do is hold a rehearsal. Numerous instances it is held the day ahead of the wedding, two days just before the wedding, or even the day of the wedding. Simply because you want everybody to stroll down in some sort of uniform manner and you want them to know precisely exactly where they’re standing. You want them to have their marks so that when they get up to wherever it is the ceremony’s getting done that every thing appears beautiful. A lot of, a lot of men and women pick their own music to walk down the aisle to. There’s no such factor anymore as having to stroll down to “Right here Comes the Bride” or “Pachelbel Canon.” They take various moods from music and various types of music and therefore you want to rehearse it so that the bride and groom know exactly what the wedding party’s going to look like. It is really crucial to be familiar with the music, to have the men and women who are walking down the aisle familiar with the music and familiar with the space where they’re walking down the aisle. Then you can inform them if you want them to walk a small quicker, a tiny slower, if you want it very solemn or if you want a YouTube dancing occasion. All these issues are things that the bride and groom can pick but it is important to do a rehearsal so that everybody who walks down the aisle with you is on the identical page.

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  1. Distinctive Wedding Videos

    Fantastic advice. As a wedding videographer walking down the isle is the single biggest problem I have with getting good video. Most people don’t rehearse. And almost 100% of the time the RUN down the isle. So important to take your time. Everyone is there to see you and not only do we need people to go slow so we catch it, but friends and family want to see as well…….I’d love to post this video on my social media if that is ok?=

  2. irishfromengland

    What if the bride is in her wheelchair when she is unable to walk at all? How can she be escorted down? Can the escort have extra assistance?

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