How to Program a Wedding in 10 Steps (The Truthful Version)

Turns out “a lifetime of commitment” is the simple part.

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Katie – Emily Axford
Mike – Brian Murphy
British Man – Greg Hess
Hipster Wedding Planner – Rachel Laforest
Hick Guy – Josh Ruben
Religious Officiant – Walter Cox
Hippie Officiant – Stevie Nelson
In the Middle Officiant – Leonard Robinson
DJ – Evan Watkins
Aunt 1 – Suzanne Gutierrez
Aunt two – Katie Wallack
Aunt three – Mary Holland


Director – Tim Wilkerson
Producer – Dan Siegel
Cinematography – Matt Garrett
Editor – Tim Wilkerson
Art Director – Clayton Beisner
Hair and Makeup – Alex Perrone
Production Coordinator – Julia Bales
1st Assistant Director – Dru Korab
Art Assistant – Chelsea Turner
Set Dresser – Caitlin Williams
Sound Mixer – Chris Thueson
1st Assistant Camera – Cate Smierciak
2nd Assistant Camera – Jen O’Leary
Extra Photography – Carissa Dorson
Gaffer – Ari Davidson
Crucial Grip – Joe Hernandez
Ideal Boy Electric – Derek Robinson
Best Boy Grip – Kristian Ostergaard
Swing – Johnny Silvis
Wardrobe – Laura Ortiz
Intern – Austin Lepri
Katie Barsotti
Motion Graphics – Seth Wharton
Essential PA – Will Kreisberg

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  1. Thank god my parents were only children and he has a small family. Including the wedding party and the band there should be less than 100. And they ain’t paying for shit so we can’t do anything we want for our wedding. Idk my father might help with the cost but I won’t count on it either.

  2. shastapurpledaisy

    My grandma was a mother of the bridezilla. She was competing with her sisters daughters wedding that it mostly ruined the experience for her. Yes parents should have a say in some areas if they are paying for it but they need to back off. The hag was so uptight that she wouldn’t let the caterers put the prawns out simply because HER brother in law was Jewish. He was one of those religious people who didn’t even care what other people ate near him.

  3. Pixel Pudding

    I would have a wedding so I can get the leftover food and if I eat a lot nobody will judge me because it’s """"""""""rude"""""""""""

  4. Mara Dominguez

    my parents did it smart and got married in December so the church was already decorated for Christmas and they didn’t have to pay for any of it haha

  5. Princess Koko

    Totally thinking about eloping smh 🤦🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤔. My fiancé keeps saying no 😣😞😩🤣😂

  6. When middle class Americans get married, it’s a fortune, when the rest of the world gets married, all they have to worry if there’s enough booze and if the church is reserved for you

  7. Pretty much sums it up. My husbands parents paid for the photographer, got us a DJ, paid for the cake and half of the flowers too. We still ended up paying $15,000 for our wedding when we only wanted to pay $10,000. We were lucky enough to find a venu that didn’t charge us extra for a weekend date and only had a minimum requirement of us spending $6,000 on food and drinks, our cost for the food alone, for 98 people mind you, was $10,000. About $75 per person. If you can, don’t tell your cake person it’s a wedding, you will save a few hundred right there, make sure you find decent priced favors, we spent 0.78 cents per person on ours, and don’t take anyone with you shopping for things who is excited about the wedding… they will tell everyone and now that cake you almost saved $200 on is now twice as pricy…. our first thought was to go to the Morton arboretum, but the room I wanted cost $10,000 to rent out, not including chairs, tables, table settings, glass wear, table cloths, table runners or center pieces… 😩 also, on top of that you had to spend $14,000 in catering costs which you were only allowed to do with their exclusive caterer. Another place we looked at was a golf club, even though they didn’t charge for the room you still had to spend a hearty minimum in order to get the place. When we looked for a late February or early march it changed drastically. Last weekend of February would be $12,000 minimum for a Friday and $14,000 minimum for a Saturday. Just one weekend later in march was $14,000 minimum for a Friday or $16,000 minimum for a Saturday. If we had gone with our real date in July, it would have cost us a minimum of around $22,000 for a Friday and $24,000 for a Saturday. So, if I was a millionaire, sure why not, but not on our budget!!!

  8. I’m planning my wedding at the moment. I’d replace the gifts step (because I actually love my registry) with both sets of parents under the impression that it’s their wedding.


  10. Clematis Larix

    Mg wedding was 1 month ago. 4 people, us two included. No Church, no party, no obnoxious relatives, my dress was 100 dollars, the dinner was 140. Best wedding ever. And some people (non invited) even said our wedding was sad!! Bwahahah

  11. Penny Dreadful

    You can literally decorate your whole wedding with shit from the dollar store. Dead serious, and nobody will know the difference.

  12. Talsong Kingslayer

    That’s why my boyfriend and I plan to have a small wedding. Nothing extreme. Just a few friends and family and that’s it.

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