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Hey guys! Lastly filmed a wedding organizing/eloping tips video for you! I know it is wedding season proper now, and some of you may require some suggestions. Adhere to these 7 (plus 1 bonus) guidelines and your preparing will go smoothly, guarantee. Any questions? Leave em down below! xx

My wedding day video: https://youtu.be/Jd3TtEySJ-8
My wedding blog post: http://www.aliciafuller.com/2016/03/my-wedding-day.html

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  1. Emma Swierc

    My recommendation for a wedding dress is to actually look at bridesmaids dresses. They come in all colors and styles and many are under $200! That’s what I did!!

  2. Rachel Lilley

    I got my wedding dress from an high street online store for £96 and no one would ever know any different! It is stunning and doesn’t look cheap, as well as this the material isn’t cheap quality either. It is definitely doable!! Nice work 🙂 💕

  3. Jamie Brown

    you are my kind of chick! lol I’m basically doing the same thing you did. Small intimate outdoor ceremony and we’re actually having our reception in our home. 25-50 guests max (hopefully the lesser). People get so carried away with spending tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding which lasts one day and seem to forget what the most important part about it which is the marriage and beginning a life with your love!

  4. angel porter

    Thanks for the tips! Really helpful cause I love to save because like you said. We can use that money to buy a house or new car.

  5. Zena Al-Barqawi

    I wish you checked out easy before splurging on the cake topper! they have them for $15-25! Still a beautiful idea <3

  6. Maria-Teresa Bäumler

    only my family are like 40 people 😮 My fiance and I want a “small“ wedding, but surely this won’t happen … :/

  7. Si SoulBlissful

    Great tips im looking to get married in April, I personally want a small Christian wedding with ONLY immediate family for the reception and the the rest of family and friends are welcomed for the reception. just afraid that people will feel some type of way Im only inviting them to the reception lol

  8. Shien Zhuang

    thanks for this. However "coming from China" isn’t the reason for bad quality……..There are many beautiful wedding dresses designers that you can get from china if you plan it well.
    What you said was offensive.

  9. Jacqueline Rodriguez

    Hello I’m Jacqueline! Just engaged and I was wondering where did you have your reception at ?? I’m planning to do the exact same thing small wedding very few people !

  10. Sarah Simone

    Great video. I’m sure many people will find this useful. I am Italian and (most) Italians do not have low budget weddings. This is because Italians invite EVERYONE and they have enormous amounts of food.

  11. Maria Cavazos

    I am a lil worried about getting my dress from other websites cuz of bad quality . the website you got your dress reliable

  12. brenda cisneros al faraj

    Super helpful !! I’m getting married next year and I have no idea what am I doing ! We don’t want to spend a lot 😅 thank you for sharing !!!!!

  13. I should make a video I myself because I planned my wedding under 7k.That is awesome that you were able to do that.

  14. heyy ladies newyorkdress.com is the best online dresses i bought my 21st party dress aswell as my wedding dress from them and they are gorg xx😘

  15. Fabian Castillo

    Here is another tip. Buy flowers from online wholesalers like Magnaflor. They are cheap, great quality and offer super fresh flowers. You can easily save thousands in flowers by using this kind of services. Hope it helps

  16. Persia Meshelle

    Hi Alicia i live in chicago also. I’m looking into having a small weeding like you. I just wanted to know the name of the place that you held your reception at. Sounds like it was a great benefit with the food being included and the music. Thank you

  17. Benita Jones

    If you do have a court wedding trying looking at getting it done in a courthouse in the country. The courthouse we used had a gazebo where the judge married us and there was no line. We also were able to schedule the marriage before hand.

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