• How you can save funds on your wedding plans!
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Hey guys! An additional small wedding video for you today and it really is all about saving funds and cutting the charges! Hope you enjoy this one and do let me know in the comments beneath if you have any other tips I havent talked about! 🙂

Thanks for watching!

Laura x

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From: Laura Bradshaw



  1. Christina Staunton

    Thanks Laura, this was so helpful. Can you let me know the link for the place name blog post? I had a look on your site but I couldn’t find it. Thanks xx

  2. Wow so many of these tips I wouldn’t have even thought of! The Engaged and Confused Podcast is also great if any of you are looking for stats on how much an average wedding costs!

  3. creativecatlady

    I’m having lots of herbs at my wedding next year so I’m growing them myself, I’ll be putting together centrepieces with herbs and small flowers planted together that I won’t need to worry about arranging on the day just popping on the tables. definitely going to save me a lot of money on floristry

  4. Jessica Pereira

    You can also give your bridesmaids the option of buying their dresses on posh Mark or other sites like it. It’s less expensive. It worked well for me because I wanted David bridals dresses in a specific color but different styles.

  5. Abi Dollery

    Hi Laura. 😊
    I’m getting married in Dec and I really enjoy watching your video’s, especially the wedding ones! 😊
    I have a request.. please can you add pics of what you did for your wedding in your video’s. (place cards, invites, bridesmaid dresses etc.. basically everything you showed in your video)
    I would love that! Thanks for your video’s! Can’t wait for the next one 😊

  6. Could use Serif (look on crafter’s companion) they do have a free version, with tones of free templates, completely personalisable 🙂

  7. Sarah Shemilt

    I’m currently in the middle of wedding planning and the biggest things we have found useful so far are:
    – Create a budget; not only this allowed us to work out what to spend, but also work out what was important to us and where we wanted to spend out money (for us it’s the photographer and food)
    – Get quotes for everything! It allows you to work out if you are getting value for money, but also work out if you can get a better price with a preferred supplier.
    – Know when to spend your money; it you are going to DIY something, but it is going to take several weeks and quite a lot of help consider if you can outsource at least part of the task. I’ve seen weddings before where the bride expected everyone around her to devote several weekends to creating decorations and it created a lot of bad feeling. In that case it might had been better to spend the money and preserve the relationships!

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