How to Save Funds On Your Wedding: Best ten Wedding Hacks

Learn how to save up to £10,000 on your wedding from your wedding dress, to your cake, venue e.t.c. I have hacks to assist you save income although nevertheless obtaining a fabulous wedding. Cuttung price need to not imply cutting quality )

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1. Save up to 50% off by receiving sample dresses, dresses from wedding outlets and dresses on sale
2. Save thousands by acquiring a dummy cake
3. You can save ALOT on your wedding venue by obtaining married on a weekday as opposed to the weekend
4. Save a ton on your wedding drinks by serving cocktails as an alternative of popping champagne
five. Use fake flowers instead of fresh flowers, this will save you atleast £3,000
6. Make your wedding bouquet yourself and save some adjust
7. Get reasonably priced footwear and DIY them to make them personal rather of splurging on some designer footwear that will not show on the day
8. Send out E-invites alternatively of paper invites, this could save up you £500 – £1000 as truly luxurious paper invites can be quite costly. E-invites are free of charge!
9. Appear out for bargains from wedding vendors, competitions to win solutions like cost-free photography. This could save you some cash
ten. Get honeymoon packages and deal on-line, and make sure you combine meals (full or half board). Buying flights and accommodation and food separately can expense alot!

Be wise! It is just one day, do not devote it all on just 1 day there is life soon after the wedding day!

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  1. Jack & Anne

    Absolutely love this video. Really helped me in regards to planning and saving for my wedding which is next year. Thank you soo much x

  2. Zainab Koroma

    Thanks for your inspiring video, I really love all of them. Mrs Wura Manola please can you help me become a wedding planning I love this job.

  3. Yvette Hint

    im based in New York city are there any dress outlets /places where i can go rent flowers and decor at a reasonable price.

  4. stormy weather

    Thank you so much for this video !! Out of all the "wedding tips " videos I have seen , yours by far has been the best and most helpful ! Well Done and congratulations on your marriage ! 😊

  5. Girl! That was straight…up…
    knowledge!!!! Well done. I recently got married and I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ll share this with my friends and fam if/when they are planning their weddings. Thank you so much.

  6. loaded blessing

    Thanks so much for this, really helpful n has widen my scope on things I had little or shallow ideas on. You r a good woman…God bless you daily.

  7. took notes and I may just be making my own bouquet. Dummy cakes I have always wanted but bae thinks we should nake it all real!

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