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How to Save Funds on Your Wedding

six months out from our wedding and I definitely have discovered a thing or two about cash saving techniques to make certain a wedding does not price you your 1st born.

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  1. Wandering off topic is so rampant in this video, it makes it nearly unwatchable. Create an outline, and stick with it. Too many stories distract from the main content of this video.

  2. I think wedding planning can be really overwhelming even before getting to where you want to save money, so making a list of your (maximum) top 3 priorities where you can’t shirk on quality can help hone in on what you really, REALLY want from your wedding. It’s also a great way for the betrothed to figure out what they both want, rather than one being more learned and the other saying, "Whatever you want." It also stops nebulous theme ideas ("modern boho with a mint and coral colour scheme" can only go so far) from stressing you out because of how vague they are.

    For me, invites are very, very low on my list since I’m looking at a small wedding (I’m talking less than 80 people, haha). I’d rather put the time and resources into a programme for the ceremony and reception than an invitation–it has more practicality to me! Plus, digital invitations are more economic and are less likely to be lost.

    One of my top priorities, though, is photography, so I’m willing to spend more money on a professional photographer than on something like a bouquet.

    For my wedding, I’m leaving out a bridal party entirely. It isn’t something I want, and I know my friends are willing to help because they’re my friends, rather than part of a bridal party.

  3. Little Miss Aggie

    We are also doing a lot of diy projects for our wedding! I’m doing the centerpieces and decor, buying all the flowers wholesale, and making our save the dates and invites. I’m also cutting back on the stationary for the day of, so no programs, no escort cards (open seating), and no favors. The majority of our guests are out of town so I want to make "welcome baskets".

  4. Planner Grace

    Great advice regarding wedding dress shopping! I will definitely keep that in mind! Here’s another tip that I think my partner and I will do: make our own wine! In Ontario, alcohol is taxed really heavily (ends up being around $10-12 per bottle) but you can go to wine making places that help you brew your own wine for like $2-3/bottle!!

  5. I think it’s interesting the common denominator between brides planning their wedding is always starting off with the one thing you reeeally need in a situation and building off from there. In the Engaged and Confused podcast they talk a lot about planning your wedding that way! So cool to hear if anyone wants to give it a listen

  6. Janine James

    This is just the video I needed! Such great points, I’m really heavily considering nixing a lot of fresh flowers. They’re beautiful, but can be so expensive and more often than not people won’t miss them. Some of my other tips are below:
    -Get married on a weekday: Unless someone is really close to you chances are they may not be too keen on taking a day off from work/traveling midweek. We have saved thousands by just getting married on a weekday.
    -Opt for a lunch/brunch reception: Again, everyone wants an afternoon/evening wedding, this is a good way to save (and people will still have their nights to do what they please).
    -Do an intimate wedding: I originally had a guest list of over 150, we shaved it down to just 50 so that we could splurge on a nicer meal and nicer personalized gifts.
    -Cut out unnecessary expenses: Photobooths, personalized napkins, personalized cups, etc all add up. Pretty much every wedding does a photo booth these days, do you really think you’ll miss not having one? A good substitute is just having a polaroid for a visual guest book OR just do a personalized snapchat filter, they’re like $15 and having someone set up a geo location is around $20.
    -Consider buying your dress used: If you do end up falling inlove with a fancy dress chances are you can purchase it ‘used’ it may not have even been worn! There are so many bridal boutiques selling dresses from last and current seasons that are brand new with tags. There are also brides who are selling gowns they never ended up wearing. If you don’t really mind buying second hand just get that sucker dry cleaned and it’s literally good as new.
    -David’s Bridal!!: I got my gown from David’s Bridal and I absolutely love it. I completely consider it to be my dream gown and I went to a ton of fancy dress boutiques.
    -Have your ceremony/reception in a place that is beautiful: We are getting married at SF city hall, which is already gorgeous, so we don’t need any decor. Our reception is going to be at a lovely restaurant with a very chic private room. All we really have to do is add some light decorations to personalize it.

    I could go on forever…but I won’t lol.

  7. TaleRavenTarot

    This is such great advice. I planned a wedding in 2009 (in Michigan, actually!) and it just kept getting bigger and bigger. And now I’m divorced, so I regret all the money that I spent on things that didn’t matter. I’m glad that DIY and being more budget-conscious is the trend these days.

  8. I’ve heard that having a "birthday" cake with two layers instead of a "wedding" cake with three layers can save money. And honestly, who would ever notice?!

  9. Michelle Aldrich

    When I booked our wedding with the church, the secretary suggested that I get in touch with the 11am bride, I was the 4pm — to see if it would to work to coordinate/share flowers and it DID. Our tastes aligned, and we only wanted flowers up front (none through the sanctuary or on the pews). We split the bill and left them there for Sunday’s service!

  10. Riveting Rosie

    Two tips that I used for my niece’s weeding. 1) I bought her fresh flowers from Costco online whole sale. I worked at a flower  shop through college and know a little bit of arranging and was able to do bouquets and centerpieces. 2) we did an outdoor venue in a friends huge backyard with a rented canopy. With the rental for the tent, tables and chairs (we got those from our church) the whole thing was less than 1k. The entire weeding was 7K.

  11. KMichelle Argus

    I would suggest and I don’t know if anyone has tried this but if you have let me know. If there are people you want to invite but they can’t come or you don’t have the space. Set up a tripod and live stream the ceremony. Just an odd thought.

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