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How To Propose To Your Girlfriend Like a Man!

Even for a Unique Forces master sergeant, asking a person to marry you can be the scariest point you do! But Anthony and Terry are here to tell you to man up, simply because every thing is going to be okay. They go more than their own engagement stories, and offer suggestions from organizing the excellent location to how to uncover the appropriate ring.


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  1. Or just give her a plain gold ring. If she really likes you and not your money and like a cheap gold digger, she’ll say yes.
    This is obviously just a huge marketing campaign some jewelry company. …Hmm, which one is dishonest to this level??

  2. Queen Breezii

    Me and my girl friend are in the same grade, so when its her turn to walk across the stage and in the middle of the stage I’m gonna ask her to marry me. Shes a bold person and loves being the center of attention so I hope she loves it. I hope they can play our song while I do it. Im just hoping my school isn’t going to be predjudice about a lesbian marriage. To be honest I am really scared, but I love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Ever since the first day we met I knew I wanted to marry her 💜

  3. Diamonds are useless over priced crap. If I’m ever on the presuppose of getting married, I hope I’m able to convince my lady not to want one.

  4. Du Fast Miech

    me and my girlfilriend have been dating for 6years now and prom is coming up so i think its about time i propose good idea or not

  5. Fehu State of Mind

    I proposed to my wife after 9 months of knowing her. I knew she was the the one. I had a local jeweler take a white gold Claddah ring and cut the heart out replacing it with a half carat heart diamond. i proposed on the beach that our family goes to every year. It was supposed to be a sunrise proposal but the storm off the coast made sure to hide the sun! when i pulled the ring out and asked, my wife answered with….duh!

  6. Brant Mawdsley

    portable scanners like myself would prefer to do it a comic on your muscles in your back and maybe at a park somewhere

  7. I’m 11 and I’m in a 3 people relationship (3 girls lol) I’m proposing to them tomorrow at a sleepover with two plastic diamonds XD THEYRE GONNA LOVE MEH

  8. Initial DIY mods

    @Manthropology How can y’all not cover the price aspect of this? I have heard a guy should spend 3 months salary, but if you make more or less than the average person, does this still hold true?
    I hope you write back,

  9. I’m proposing to my cousin leia she’s 10 now but when where both out of school like no more school I will come up to her in my Lamborghini I think I never said yes maybe

  10. I know someone who’s friend was super cheap, and just got a random scrap of metal and bent it into a ring with some pliers. His wife still has it. That’s kinda sweet.

  11. Rangerboyz 525

    my girlfriend is in high school still but this Saturday I am going to this Christmas lighting called the night of lights and I’m going to propose in front of a huge Christmas tree and it’ll look perfect wish me luck lol

  12. joeman80128

    Me and my wife where camping at our usual spot she went in to change into some warmer clothes and I was waiting outside the tent on one knee with the ring out,,,, as she unzipped the door she saw what was up and freaked and said yes and started crying. Fun times! 

  13. Me and my girlfriend we know that we wanna get married together, because we are always happy together we had to deal with a lot of things like things at our age we shouldn’t have dealt with but we stayed strong 💪🏼 going to university in 2 years she wants to move in with me. So I was planning to propose to her while "SkyDiving" on her own bday wish me luck. Proposing in 3-4 years (Ik it’s too early for me but me and her r like meant to be together when we broke up we ended up coming back cuz we just can’t get over each other)

  14. Cameron Pitcher

    my girlfriend is 18 and Graduating High school May 27th (I just turned 20 2 weeks ago) and I know she’s the one I want to marry and spend my life with. When she graduates and is done with everything there and she’s walking to the car I’m going to start playing our song (You by Jason Cassidy) over Bluetooth through my truck and I’m going to propose to her in front of her family and friends that come to watch her graduate. Her brother is more of a father than her father so I asked for his blessing instead and he gave it to me. He knows his sister will be happy with me and I am good for her. I’m very excited and super nervous about it but I know I want to wake up next to her every morning for the rest of my life, I want her to have my children and I want to grow old with her. as for the ring I got a beautiful sterling silver engagement ring with a 1.5karat diamond in the setting and smaller diamonds around it on both sides tapering off the edge of the ring, her wedding band is a silver tungsten carbide camo ring (she’s as country as it gets and LOVES camo) I am very nervous but I am ready!!

  15. The ring my dad gave my mom is really bad. The diamond is comically small, and has a fleck of coal in it. Also, the ring constantly scratches us if she hugs us.

  16. Andrew21397

    so I need a little help I’m new to this. we’ve already got promise rings a few months ago and she wants to get married and I plan on proposing on our next dinner cruise. Do I like hold her hand standing up and tell her my story and then get on my knee or tell the story from my knee and hold ur hand or just sit there I really need help

  17. andrew laclair

    planning to propose myself (not really i actually asked her with no ring half a sleep laying in bed with her) i have the ring but the location im still not 100% on

  18. John rivera-pereira

    Bout to propose July 11th on our baby shower nervous but bought and amazing ring from kay
    Huge rock know she’ll Fall in love with

  19. Ian McClintock

    Well I had a plan to send her on a day with her getting her nails done, a new dress, and get her food and whatever paid for and once she’s ready, have a limo bring her to where we first met and proposing there

  20. The irony here is that when he spoke of cave men wrapping braided grass around their mates wrists and ankles he’s standing in the foreground of plants that look shockingly familiar, Scopolamine, or ‘Devil’s Breath’, one of the world’s most dangerous drugs and a powerful psychedelic, capable of swaying someone/anyone into a state of mind where they would literally (and have) empty out there banking account on command. Whats even more ironic is he talks of how the cave men would have there mate’s spirit under there thumb. Just simply stating the irony here based on prior knowledge, just sayin’…

  21. Taylor Knight

    Should a proposal be private or can it be a public display of affection? I heard that public proposals are a way of pushing the girl to marry the guy

  22. Jack Agurcia

    This is all very interesting stuff, but I cannot concentrate on what you guys are saying because of the foliage in the background. In Honduras we call that flower Floricunda and it is Very illegal. If done correctly, it will release a chemical known commonly as DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), which is then ingested in the form of Tea. in other words you guys are surrounded by halucinagenic flowers. 

  23. Marielle Desir

    My boyfriend proposed with NO Engagement Ring 😥🔎What Should I Do… I’ve been waiting for 3 years and he has a JOB. but blows his money on Weed. his family mainly his mother fails to realize I was the catch and he’s just earned the Looser Medal. What should I do?
    Not to mention they treat me badly. want out of this relationship. and I don’t want to hurt him.

  24. Yup, one of the most pivotal parts of a relationship revolves around a worthless piece of compressed carbon. The most abundant element in the UNIVERSE. Every man out there who’s about to propose should ask WHY this is. This whole vid is nothing but a propaganda piece for the jewelry industry, and you simps are pushing it to line your own pockets at the expense of gullible men. Any woman that demands a diamond is a materialistic idiot and any man that gets her one is a cuck in the making. Wake the fuck up guys. Love and devotion should mean more than a sparkly rock and artificially inflated dollar signs.

  25. Tom Alexander

    I’m planning on doing it in about 6 months. I told her we’re going to go on a trip to this nice beach vacation house I’m going to rent and ask her at night alone just us still trying to figure the rest out but I’d never do it publicly

  26. Would dropping the ring in a box and set it in the mailbox and when she opens the box she sees the ring as your on one knee and say will you marry me does that sound good lol

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