HOW TO Strategy A WEDDING: THE Basics

In this video I show you the fundamentals of how to strategy a wedding. Did you just get engaged? If so congrats! So thrilling! Do you have no notion where to start wedding organizing? Then this video is for you. I was so excited to be engaged but I had no idea on how to begin preparing my wedding. This video will teach you the basics of how to strategy your wedding and what to do to begin wedding organizing as sson as you get engaged! Great luck and have exciting! Sending my LOVEIES!

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  1. An idea for people who cannot afford a videographer.. Get a few trusted family or friends to take videos of certain parts of your wedding & then later on you can put them all together & make your own wedding video. It wont be as amazing at a videographer but still something to keep & remind you of that day 🙂 xxxxx

    Congratulations Channon! You’ll make a beautiful bride!

  2. Shannon Hultgren

    My biggest tip is to get excited and enjoy every minute. I watch these kinds of videos, wedding themed movies and TV show episodes, go to events etc to get me excited. You’re only engaged once, and I’d hate to look back and wish I had taken time to enjoy every single minute.

    Great video Chan! Yay for (C)Shannon brides 😘

  3. I’m 2 months away from my wedding! SO EXCITED! Sending you all my love! 🙂

    oh and PS – very first thing you should do is get your ring insured! better to prepare for the worst and be safe

  4. Weddings are fun! That’s all I do! Flowers Flowers Flowers! Wished you were back in the LA and OC area. Would have loved to set you up! Have a beautiful day!

  5. Breanna Swanson

    My fiance asked me today, i’m so excited so i’m already planning haha. I love the colors dark red and white for our wedding. with lots of red roses! we’re thinking we are going to have a fall wedding on October 14th of 2017


    Two week honeymoon! We only did one week. It takes a week to calm down from all the excitement and planning to be able to relax and realize it’s done! XoXo

  7. jeanette torres

    Easy come to Cancun have a wedding planner at the Hotel ur staying and she´ll organize everything 4u while ur in the Beach1

  8. i can tell shes a Libra by her personality, if not shes an air sign, gonna save this video to look back on in the future xx

  9. Nancy Gurish

    Thank you! Wonderful info!
    This is a great video for getting down the basics,
    then – you can take off on the other major things;
    there are so many details! I’ve got some suggestions
    from my wedding experience. Practice the hairstyle.
    Plan on several visits to your hairstylist; how DOES
    that hairstyle look with the veil – or the floral piece you’re
    planning! Find out in advance! It’s important!
    My Wedding Day Hairstyle!

  10. Ottiti Spiti

    im married and have been a made of honor once and a bridesmate 3 times and one huge tip i learned is that you should ALWAYS find out how many ppl r going 2 come 2 ur wedding, give or take about 50, then pick ur venue. the first time i was a bridesmate b4 i was married and was a made of honor she booked the venue then had a bunch of trouble bcause the couple wanted 2 invite way more ppl and they just wanted the venue and without thinking about it the booked it so they had 2 decide if they were going  cram ppl in or kick ppl out or lose their deposit on the venue, major headache

  11. ChannelingChelsea

    Im in school to be a event planner right now this video was so fun to watch 😀 what do you an travis plan on doing for food at the wedding? 🙂 are you guys gonna make it all vegan?! that would be so cool to do like a vegan buffet !

  12. Sarah Grizzel

    This series is so exciting to me because I’m getting married in the next year or so, we haven’t set a date and we’ve barely just started planning but I’m super stoked about these future videos and seeing your beautiful wedding and also it’s very exciting that all my favorite female youtubers are going to be there. I think that is the coolest thing in the world. I hope you share some of the wedding with us. You’re going to be the most beautiful bride in the entire world, I promise you that. and Travis is one hell of a lucky guy 🙂

  13. alyssa small

    Got married 2 years ago and the biggest tip I have for anyone is don’t pay ur venders in full till u get the product!!! Meaning don’t pay ur photographer in full till ur album comes !! Mistake I made even though I had a very good relationship w my photographer !!

  14. Hey girl😄 love you😍 your doing a great job planning your wedding! You should be so proud of yourself! Your paying for your own wedding! That’s a wonderful accomplishment! 💋💜

  15. Felicia Bourque

    One thing I think is so beautiful in a wedding is adding personal touches like pictures of you and your fiancée or things that remind you of a loved one that has passed away.

  16. DassahMariee

    Great video & Congrats 🙂
    my wedding is a week away! im super nervous but having fun with planning and making sure everything is ready 🙂

  17. Neringa Mecelyte

    I’m only a teen but I’m really interesten in these things, like how to prepare wedding, who to contact and what should be and what can you add to it

  18. Jennifer Lee

    Love it! I so want to have 3 maid of honors too. My first step was starting a Pinterest board yet. That’s as far as I’ve gotten! I got engaged on 2/14. I need to get on it. 🙂 thanks for the tips

  19. Christine Jolene

    I just got engaged, and Wow.. I don’t feel great too lol.. I feel like once I go down that aisil , I’ll probably won’t make it to the alter.. why? because I get nervous easily & I’ll faith from excitement 😹😹

  20. Hey Channon! Just started following you ..from Trisha’s video! There is so many amazing things you can DIY for your wedding! I did everything on mine and it was so perf! Congrats on the upcoming nuptials and loving your videos and spirit! Keep them coming! Also you have me thinking I should become vegan 😁

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