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How to Film A Wedding | Job Shadow

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  1. It must be that the SLC temple is too iconic to be allowed, because professional photography is allowed all they way into the foyer of other temples.

  2. Nikon Professional

    NICE!!!!! As a still photographer, I’m often concerned about having video crews on the same job with the same objective. YOU do a fantastic job and it would be such a pleasure if every video/cinema crew worked the way you do! All pure gold for the still photographer also, making the job easier. Thanks for setting such a high standard! Subbed!

  3. Madison Hite

    So beautiful. I’m considering getting into filming weddings because as a teen I had a passion and love for editing videos and I’m thinking I may be close to coming full circle and realizing that is what I’m meant to do. This video got me emotional thinking about ‘wow, I wonder if I could ever get this amazing.’

  4. Super informative!!! Thank you so much for this information and breakdown. Awesome to see the process of capturing and then the final product

  5. SX Productions

    When you bust out the 85mm, do you usually use auto focus? The reason I am asking is I am tossing between, 85mm with AF, 85mm manual. Additionally, I was thinking whether 1.8 is enough. I know the pros and cons, but just wondering what other people thought.

  6. ScottyGoesPro

    First of all I really enjoy these videos you make for us to learn from. Your style of film is totally in line with what I want to do and I’ve learned a lot from your videos. Secondly, 800 gigs?! Holly crap! Which I guess you were filming in 4k so that explains it. This maybe a silly question but how many batteries do you go through on a wedding film? It’s got to be a ton.

  7. The Linthicums

    How did you mic yourself when you were talking to the camera. Can’t see the lapel mic and sounds to good to be camera mounted.

  8. Nghaamwa Lukas

    Hi Parker. I am a video/photographer in Namibian and just came across your channel today, I want to know… in which fps do you shoot in and which frames for the footage of that wedding?

  9. SPK Tech TV

    Sir , You are awesome.I really love your work and your videos.Just one question……How much are you paid for a wedding ? BTW….Love u. Love from India.

  10. Hey man. Love your stuff. I’m a freelance video editor with minimal shooting experience. My cousin asked me to shoot her wedding (alone) in Georgia in December. Two quick stupid questions, but WHAT IS IT that gives you that cinematic "movie" look?? Is it the frame rate? Is it a certain lens, a certain filter, certain camera setting? I have a Canon Vixia HF G40….but I’m afraid of just getting that cheesy camcorder, home-movie type look like in wedding videos in from 1987. I want that beautiful smooth cinematic look. Is there something for this camera I can do to get that look? 60fps? That’s basically my first question…how to get that "cinematic look."

    Second stupid question…what type of memory card do you use? Or what type do you HAVE to use for that kind of look and to be able to handle the 60fps and handle 4K?

    Thanks in advance…like I said….love your stuff. Your videos rule.

  11. GustavoArceMusic

    Do ypu change. Fps 24. To 60 or record all the wedding in 60 fps. Cor the slow motion parts. What lenses do yo use most often

  12. Trevor Cutler

    Slider-Man Slider-man, does whatever a slider-man does…

    can seriously appreciate filming at an Lds wedding, as being LDS.
    learning a lot.

    you talk about full job shadow at your website. I don’t see it there.

  13. Adan Sotelo

    When you are done with a project like this, do you delete as many gigs as you can to save space, or do you have a massive storage unit to hold on to everything you shot?

  14. I am a new to your channel. But I really love your work. I wanted to learn all about this. Can someone help me on where should I start? What should I learn first? Please please.

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