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Do It Oneself Wedding Planning Binder!

This is a easy way to keep organized to begin your wedding organizing. Here is where I got almost everything for the binder:

– Binder: Target
– Post-it plastic pockets: Target (also obtainable at Staples or Workplace Depot)
– Pocket Dividers: Target (also obtainable at Staples or Workplace Depot)
– Sheet Protectors: Target (also available at Staples or Office Depot)

– Blank calendar sheets have been printed off from Windows Microsoft Workplace – when you pick a new document, choose “from template” and uncover the calendar options!

– Wedding Preparing Checklist: I printed it from www.theknot.com
You have to develop an account using an e-mail address. You will then have access to the list, as well as other beneficial issues, such as budgeting ideas!
*** Very advocate TheKnot smartphone app! You can have your wedding arranging checklist on the go on your phone!

– The stamp that was described is from www.papersource.com
below the “Personalized Gifts & Items” tab. Pick “Custom Stamps” and start off personalizing your own stamp!

Thank you so much for watching!

***** The Knot changed their site and unfortunately you cannot print their list any longer as a PDF, if you attempt to print it appears extremely unorganized. Here is a fantastic alternative!!!! http://www.russellandhazel.com/PDF/WeddingTemplate.pdf

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From: Alina Narr



  1. TheFortitudeFix

    I’m VERY recently engaged! This was a huge help. I had most of these items accessible to me already so I didn’t buy anything, but the organization & ideas were great

  2. Lisa Harding

    yes they are very helpful, i got mine from walmart and had it other work sheets and vendors and payments, and linens, and bridal party and ect are great, and to keep all contracts from the vendors and payments and ect, and its great to have.
    June 2016 was our wedding.

  3. Planning a wedding? Check out my Etsy shop, GravityGroundsMe! I have a few wedding items that are very reasonably priced, and I am always looking to add more. The links for two of my creations are posted below. https://www.etsy.com/listing/506443519/bride-and-groom-champage-glasseshttps://www.etsy.com/listing/506440131/book-shaped-ring-box

  4. Carolyn Wilson


  5. Dayana Garcia

    This is to much I had a regular notebook to write everything for my wedding plus you already going to be spending a lot of money no need to spend anything else

  6. Hello! Thank you so much for this video!! I’ve had a really hard time finding a wedding binder. I found some "fancy" wedding binders at the bookstore but I find them incredibly overwhelming. This looks like it will help me sort through my wedding planning without making me feel like throwing in the towel and eloping! Haha! Do you have a pdf of the wedding checklist from The Knot? I signed up to the site right after watching your video the first time (yes, I have watched this numerous times) but the checklist looks different and for some reason I cant print a "printer friendly" version! Again, thank you so much!!!

  7. Paullainne Rosalita

    Thank you so much for this video! it was very helpful. great ideas on how to organize everything! I hadn’t even thought of compiling my receipts and putting them into different tabs – which is very important. I hope I can find all my receipts and organize them. Looking forward to watching more of your videos!

  8. Rachel Reichert

    Thank you so much! My sister bought me a planner from the knot and it was too overwhelming (more for a 30,000 wedding than a 15ish one). This is so organized and helpful, can’t wait to make it!

  9. Your DIY has motivated me and given me inspiration to get my own wedding binder together. I’m one year out and so excited. Thanks for sharing!

  10. No FoolQueen

    Oufff look like fun happy and stressful a bit. Did you had a helper back you up in the wedding so you could breathe and the day.

  11. Mawada Khalifa

    ur video is amazing 😍😍 great job u motivated me to do it wish happy live with ur Huby 😘😘😘

  12. Vending Machine

    My friend saw this guy and called me over…we sorta just clicked and now our wedding is in July of 2020! We met on an Overwatch server…

  13. Christine Smith

    You see I’m having trouble planing out my wedding it’s in 2018 and I have a binder for my wedding with everything I need but it’s so difficult you know? It’s my first ever wedding and I want it to be special

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