How I Became A Wedding Planner! | BiancaReneeToday

STORY TIME! From Halloween Parties to Weddings, this is specifically how I became a wedding planner.

Firms I perform with:
No Worries Events- Dee Gaubert
Kate Carlson Event Planning

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  1. Rosland Jones

    I am trying to decide on whether to go to QC or Lovegevity for my wedding and event planning education however I don’t know which one I should choose… and suggestions?

  2. This is really awesome Dee..I am 26 and just discovered my passion for events planning. I worked for an events company when I was 18 and always aspired to have my own company in the future. After watching some tutorials on YouTube I realized my passion for events still is the same and I am putting the necessary things in perspective to get the company running. I love your presentation and would like for you to be my mentor if you don’t mind

  3. Bunmi Ogunleye

    I have had some many interviews and can honestly tell you have not missed out on anything. Interview is just people asking you questions about yourself and past experience in order to get enough information to decide whether you are a match for their Company, this is similar to dating? right? sure you have been on dates:). I think you have done so well for yourself, Well done and thanks for sharing.

  4. Charmaine Murimba

    Thank you so much….. i am currently studying hospitality and I’m on my way to doing this. I’ve had those issues too with interviews and getting the job coz of someone i knew etc. Personally id love to work in an events company but i have this entrepreneurship vibe i dont wana work for someone for too long i wana start my own thing…. So i hope my dreams come true and thanx a bunch!

  5. Melissa Brooks

    Hi! Your video was great & I learned a lot! Is there a way to contact you directly if so have more questions about event planning?

  6. Beth McDaniel

    I’m 17 and live in Ireland, I have the same passion that you had at 16, this was such good advice!! Thankyou✨💗🎊

  7. Lillian Garnett

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  8. lashana lewis

    I am a merchandise coordinator for homegoods. I want to get into what you do as well. my only concern is my friends and family don’t do parties so I’m not sure how to start. yes I loved watching sweet 16

  9. Debbie Debka

    Wow right on time this video! Thank you so much! I’m getting a certificate in special event planning and I’m so interested in wedding. Thank you for your advices

  10. Cool Story and very impressive! Would love to work with You one day, If You are ever looking fir a female vocalist, please let me know 🙂

  11. ErikitaBeauty

    Yessss! My Super Sweet 16 was MY SHOWWWW!
    I’ve always thought about doing event planning, so it was nice to hear your story.

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