How a wedding dress is made by Caroline Arthur

A short film displaying the method of making a bridal gown from sketching the style, by means of selecting components, producing the pattern, cutting the silk and lace, sewing it all together and adding the final particulars. Set in the lovely oak framed studio of Couture Designer Dressmaker Caroline Arthur, in Surrey, where she also sees Brides-to-be for their fittings, and creates their individual gowns. The film reflects the calm, all-natural atmosphere of the studio, and Caroline’s skilled but relaxed strategy.

From: Caroline Arthur



  1. Frank Janvari

    hi great video very well done I see you put a video shot of the sewing machine foot pedal being used to it was great to watch please film more sewing videos please thank you

  2. Caroline Arthur

    PLEASE VOTE IF YOU LIKE THIS FILM… it has been entered in filmfest, a competition by musicbed who provided the music. I’d love it if you could please vote and share for me – thank you, just click on this link x:

  3. I would really appreciate if I can get an idea of where to start on making dresses and ultimately a wedding gown. also if anyone in the comment section has ideas I would appreciate the reply.

  4. Lady Exorcist

    …And she does it barefoot. Probably a good idea…in SYTTD I saw once saw one of the salesladies stomp on the train of a wedding dress in her high heels.

  5. This makes me appreciate the price of a wedding gown. I’ve been shopping for my wedding in 2019 and it’s been a reality check to say the least. You’re a craftsman.

  6. HeavenNosMe Gaither

    Greeting from Nc Mrs.Arthur….do you have any suggestions how to make a column style wedding dress into a mermaid style. my desire is wear my mothers wedding dress….but to make it make on.

  7. Christian Iannelli

    This is so wonderful to watch! 
    In college we have not learned how to make a pattern from draping on the stand yet, we make our patterns on pattern paper, make our toilles from calico and fit it to the stand, re-adjust our patterns equally and make another toille.. and then our finished garment. 
    It seems so much longer than what you’ve done, can you explain to me how you drape on the stand and then use the calico for patterns? Do mark in the add seam allowance before taking it off the stand or on the main fabric?
    Thank you!

  8. new sub here. I just wanted to tell you that your tutorials and step by step guidance are an INVALUABLE asset to people like me 🙂 I’m creating my own wedding dress and have spent the last year studying and practicing and learning different tips and techniques to give my dress those professional touches. you, ma’am, are by far one of the easiest to follow !! I DO have a request though! ! could you make a video on creating and attaching a tulle skirt onto a satin mermaid gown? I’m creating the skirt in a very similar fashion to how j’aton couture attaches their tulle skirts, with deep "triangle panels" in between the tulle "panels".. I don’t THINK I refer to this as a godet as I’m not widening the hemline circumference, but incorporating the tulle in place of some of satin (if that makes sense lol, I was honest when I said I was learning! ) this is a link to the dress I’m using for inspiration. but I want more volume at the bottom without it being "too poofy" OR would your professional opinion be to add crenolin skirts underneath to give more volume to the bottom of the silhouette. sorry so long, but I do REALLY REALLY appreciate and value your professional opinion and advice!

  9. This was a great video! Do you know of any good courses in the uk where I could learn how to dress make as shown in this video?

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