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Honeymoon in Kabul is an inspirational documentary which follows newly weds, midwife Maggie Haertsch and clown medical professional Jean Paul Bell, on their whirlwind mission to take medical aid and humour to the kids of Kabul. Maggie and Jean Paul arrive in Kabul amidst riots and uncover that their valuable cargo of advanced health-related gear is strewn over a dirty hospital floor, useless in a nation where electrical energy is unreliable and thousands of youngsters are dying of malnutrition and dysentery every single year.

The film explores the responsibility and energy of the person to make positive change in society, and the politics of help and charity, asking whether or not well-intentioned amateurs can really make any difference in a country racked with troubles and visiting a single of Afghanistan’s most respected political activists and parliamentarians. As Jean Paul entertains gun-wielding Afghans, nervous American soldiers, and sick youngsters, the film also investigates the function of humour in the face of adversity and its possible to unify and transcend race, class and culture.

Lucky to leave Afghanistan alive, Maggie and Jean Paul take us on a hair-raising and fascinating journey which shows that the delivery of aid in Afghanistan is as complicated and delicate as any second marriage.

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  1. Lesley Williams

    Thank you. Reminded me of all the very special Afghans I met in Kabul. So many wonderful memories if generous and warm people I met there despite the terrible situation they face daily. Loved the music too!

  2. JeK BlÖöDMÖöN

    The real problem of this world it is that people have no education….and that touch all colors and the only one to blame is not usa or your guys living next door or what ever excuses because white black or what ever colors dont even know what is going on in another country and that is a problem how can we understand each others if no one is enough educated to do it and gouvernement and big compagny use all of us like stupide pawn for there own interest and we go into war without even knowing why thinking we are defending or protecting our country but the real reason its lies and we have to stop blaming others we have to get educated and tell them thats not what we want and its not to them to decide while the world is agains each others the world got no power but if the world were together able to fight brains to brains to them they would lose and we could have a world were we can work not for ourselft but for everyone we need to work for each others so we all be richer. We can’t even blame gouvernement or compagny because it is your own job in life to learn and get educated stop blaming others you know you have the ability to change the world and its only by getting educated and learning not by waiting somoene else do it by magic that dont exist and nothing will ever change that way.

  3. Loved the video and I deeply, appreciate Mr Paul and Maggie’s hard work, love and support. Malalai dosnt represent us Afghans so, you guys have won millions of the afghan hearts
    Thanks for spending your honeymoon in Kabul❤️❤️❤️

  4. Combatpurpleheatvet 2/12 infantry 4th ID

    Great documentary 👍
    Good to see how afghans/Pashtuns live without occupation/ military pressure ,turns out they’re good people under hard circumstances

  5. It was appalling to see how Maggie just walked past the old begging man on crutches…..she seems to me extremely heartless for someone claiming to want to "help" the people in Kabul. A big thumbs down because of her.

  6. Joya reminded me of something my husband & I tried to do about 15 years ago. He had heard about an orphanage in Mexico that was run by 2 sisters. They really had nothing. Just their family’s old farm house & a lot of love to give as neither sister had married or had children of their own. How could you NOT want to help people like that? Right? Our family was going on one of those "once in a lifetime" cruises(which we got at a reduced rate because we had over 20 people going), & one of our ports was very close to the orphanage. We had managed to scrape together over $7000 & lots of clothes & toys for the kids. The cruise lines even ok’d taking all the clothes & toys on for free. Mind you, we’re FAR from rich & I’m disabled. At first, they were so appreciative for any help. We had made arrangements for our whole group of family & friends to go visit the orphanage & everything. We had even hoped that perhaps we could convince others on the cruise to ‘join in’ so we could give them even more, (but we didn’t tell them about that part.) Just before we were about to leave on the cruise, that’s when things started to get weird & then scary. My husband started to get emails from them asking us if we could bring this & that. It was just more, more, MORE! Then the emails started to pour in & became really demanding. Suddenly, there was a guy who was "taking care of business for the orphanage." He demanded that we not only bring a LOT more money, but he also wanted a film crew, designer labels & only new clothes in a variety of sizes that had nothing to do with children’s sizes & a vehicle. I don’t recall the model he thought we should buy but, it was something like an Escalade & it had to be loaded with all the extras. My husband tried to explain that what he was demanding was totally out of our reach & that he wanted to talk to the woman he had first contacted. That’s when he started to say that he would be meeting us at the boat to take the 2 of us only to the orphanage but that the rest if our group of about 20 people were no longer welcome. Sadly, the kids lost out on all we had to give them. Instead, we donated the clothes & toys to a shelter here & the money was donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of my aunt who had just beaten breast cancer. The ship had a walk-a-thon & they truly appreciated our gift.

  7. Irma Graciela

    ! I didn,t have the heart, and the guts, to watch the entire video, The moment they show those sick and starving hungry bebes.. My heart and soul sink with sorrow and despair, these country need a clean up from head to toe, and please you guys need to grow more trees, it look ugly like a plain dessert, if you guys grow more trees and more flowers, and build schools and hospitals, you country will move forward, no backward like a crab !

  8. Pashto/Persian songs are so sad. My father would sing them to me. The women and children suffer the most. They are the true travesties of war.

  9. I work for a child welfare organization and every year at Christmas we get inundated with stuffed animals and all sorts of things that we cannot really distribute. It sometimes seems that these gestures help the ones giving than those who receive.

    I understand the intention behind these gestures and yet they don’t really address the issues. And then I think where are all these people during the rest of the year? We do the best we can we these gifts but usually end up giving them to women’s shelters, thrift stores, etc.

    Now the angel tree types are more helpful as they at least purchase with a family in mind. That type of giving is much more effective at least in terms of matching the needs of the people receiving.

    I can’t even imagine doing what this couple did. I don’t know how to feel about it. It feels that it was more for them. Although every little bit helps….it’s such a tragic situation all around with no clear answer. This couple have good hearts and are well intentioned but I think they were a bit shell shocked from the reception they received.

    It was good to see individuals making efforts and even better to see it framed in a documentary for everyone to view. Their honest portrayal can give individuals with similar intentions a bit to think about before taking such a journey.

    If individuals want to engage in these types of giving they need to know what might happen.

    Opportunities to laugh are perhaps the best gift of all. That was the best part of this documentary for me. I have managed to get through many tragic situations personally and professionally with a bit of humor.

  10. Haleema Sultan

    When I compare these people struggling for money and even their lives… To the cash me ousside girl… Bruh. She got money for behaving disgustingly with her mum!

  11. Thank you for gifting smile to those children. You are great and so is your husband. May you have a lovely life ahead with your husband.

  12. thinking man

    u guyz r really awesome doing so much for humanity
    how do you do that envelope trick plz give me an idea.. really wanna learn

  13. Mieka Degerness

    Wars can only cause Hurt .Pain Trauma along with Death , But Many Suffer Greatly from War . Afghanistan is a War Torn Country and is in need . The USA seems to think . They have these Rights to do so . It will Bite them at the End . The Young Mother’s re Children having Children They Pay the Highest of Price . I find this Sad . The Hospital is not sanitary with it’s Medical Supplies , They need help in this Field. Thankyou kindly for Sharing your Honeymoon here

  14. Super disappointing how the Malala woman was insulted by the gifts of clothes for babies, since she had basically expected a lot more. It was literally out of pocket from the couple themselves, and they even told her they’d love to donate more in the future once they know what the current needs are. On top of that, at 45:46 the tour guide mentions how he knows that the gifts were basically nothing/worthless and that he could have easily gifted that himself but that Malala should have been grateful anyway. What a backhanded compliment. Worse, just before catching their plane to leave, they get guns pointed to their faces (as you can hear in the recording at 50:55) by the military just "making sure" things are okay, and the woman is obviously traumatized by it later, in tears. What is wrong with these people?

  15. I wish i could do some kind of fundraise for these hospitals…it breaks my heart to see children suffer, but also unless they change their ways this country will never gather up itself. islam ruined the middle east…im sorry but its true. we all want to be happy dont we…

  16. Rahim Rahimi

    i am from afghanistan living now in sweden when i see these video i just cried lots of time seeing childrens begging and thanks for all helps thank you so much you guys

  17. at 33:38 you can see how selfish they are! the throw away the flag and kept the toy! i dont believe these people deserve 1 cent to be spent on them! even if its $100 or $200 worth of good its still somwthing that could help out some famillies! so why back it down because its not a big amount? respect for that family who spend their honeymoon by trying to help these scumbags out and they treat them like this!

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