Very best Wedding Proposal Ever !! (The Americana at Brand, Glendale, CA)

Greatest Wedding Proposal Ever !! – MOBBED at The Americana at Brand, Glendale, CA

From: chectorako



  1. Too fake, so many professional level camera angels that could not be previously positioned based on their movement. Even incredibly hidden, someone would have seen it before song and dance or even water.

  2. It’s called TV, the bloke looks like bacon and arranged nothing, stiff dancer and comes across as Arrogant and zero sense of humour. Nikki on the other hand, beautiful and she was glowing. Any guy would marry her. I feel sorry for her. All that pressure.

  3. I could see why this guy fell in so much love with this lady. She was very sweet by how she cried, by how she talked, and how she acted in that embarassing situation. May your love lasts…

  4. 20 minutes ago she was deciding what she wanted to have for dinner. I’d be shitting a brick every time I went out the door after this if I were her. "um…I’m JUST going to the mail box to get the mail ok? I think I will be right back"

  5. Ololade Kwam

    well planned, programmed, breath-taking, and out if the normalcy. you take tears outta my eyes, I’m Nigerian and dazzled with what you did. You give me heart to live again after what I faced. please, my email is, send me a mail, I need you up as my mentor, and wanna ask you some questions. please! I beg. I’l have asked for your son but for security reasons. thanks. regards

  6. Lilian Mwinamila

    Whaaaat aaaa fuuuucckk 😱they are getting married right now!!!! I mean right there 😃❤️😍😘 is this a movie

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