Ideal Marriage Proposal Ever – Sweetest Surprise in Hotel

We began an instagram together, make positive you comply with!

From: Tomer Algrably



  1. what are the songs being played in the first part of the video…..I hope you guys are still together and accentuate one another.

  2. Keziah Ortezuela

    so nice like it i did never leave to watch it i like it so much congrats for both of u im the next soon this july he is a general U.S army in all U.S

  3. Ring secured on finger at 6:51. Started groping butt at 6:55. Has to be a record.

    But seriously, great video, great planning, great execution, and priceless response. Thanks for sharing.

  4. she’s beautiful.. you are not a slouch yourself. always treat her this way.. you will have a long happy marriage… love the proposal!!

  5. Jason Marks

    You 2 look like you fell off a Charm bracelet and were beat to death with cute sticks..😍😍..I am SOOOOOOOOOOO Happy…God bless

  6. Coleen Kaanehe

    What a wonderful way to start out their journey as husband and wife. She’s precious and he knows it. Good job and best of luck to both you. Two beautiful people.

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