Gay Marriage Engagement Criticized By Consumer What Would You Do

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  1. Levi Stokes

    I wanted to punch that guy in the face " I’m the captain of the S.S angel and the mates follow" like what the actual hell she doesn’t have to follow what he says.

  2. Tomás Turbando Pinto

    "If that’s what you want to do, do it but I don’t need to see it"

    Yes because clearly the law and the way society works has to be exactly how you want it to be. Typical entitled idiot thinking he has any say about the relationship between consenting adults.


    I agree with Vince because I believe love should be between one man and one woman!! I find that really disturbing that people would want to marry or love the same sex they are!!?? fucking gross!!!

  4. Weird Wafflzz

    ok so i hate homofobia. i dont consider it a fobia i think its people who arent responsive to change. So what i want all people to grasp it that in the declaration of independence it says that we are entitled to life liberty and the PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS. so as an american citecen you are alowed to be hapy and it sucks that people have to make special laws to make it so specific people can have these rights. that is an error in our society and im greatful for the people who are fighting with me. i will always stand by this opinion and i will not be perswaded into thinking otherwise.

  5. BelieveInImagination

    I’m sorry but the guy didn’t even propose and everyone was talking about marriage and proposing when his bf was RIGHT THERE. IS ROMANCE DEAD??? WHAT

  6. SP Skeptic Atheist

    One thing i hate most is when theists say most Christians accept gay marriage. Fuck off and go read your offensive bible again.

  7. ThatGal Bailey

    Love is love no matter what. If it’s a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, a man and a man. Me personally, I don’t see people as genders, but as people. Making me Bi. All those people standing up to that man made my heart fly. It’s so beautiful.

  8. fangirl cupcake

    I would try to get him out of the restaurant because I don’t want that moment to be ruined for the couple it’s so important

  9. The hovering hover board 2.0

    I would be like YAS CONGRATZ if I saw someone propose to another one! No matter if it was a Gay, lesbian or straight!

  10. Damini Urban

    You know, I’m a Christian and I’ve always found the "Adam and Eve" argument weak. (I know there are other arguments too, but let’s focus on this one.) When people say this, they are saying a relationship is only "natural" if it is just like the first marriage in the Bible. Well, I mean, Eve didn’t ride a wheelchair did she? Adam didn’t kneel down and give Eve a ring did he? Marriage comes in a lot of variations. This is only the first ever marriage, so it doesn’t prove anything.

  11. Homosexuality is not a choice, not a lifestyle. It is not a choice similar to how straight individuals don’t make a conscious decision at some point in their lives to be straight.

  12. Abby Stephens

    I totally love this because it shows society that gay marriage is ok and can be a good thing, I agree that marriage can be a man and man and a man and woman or woman and woman and I wanted to kill the guy who said that it wasn’t a real marriage it made me so angry

  13. Michelle Obama

    "People can do what they want. I just don’t want to see it."
    People’s freedom doesn’t revolve around you. You don’t want to see it, then close your eyes.

  14. The homophobic actor is sitting alone…….that proves that homophobic people are idiots that generally most of the population despise sooo lmao

  15. Catherine Elizalde

    Honestly I don’t believe in it. I can have my own opinion. Everyone can do whatever they want and I can believe whatever I’d like to.

  16. Immortal Kdude

    It’s only christaines and muslims who hate gays .. Because it’s written in Bible /Quran and if someone said not all muslims/christaines like That it’s written in ur book

  17. If that man doesn’t want to see a gay couple out to dinner, then I don’t want to see his homophobic ass out with his wife.

  18. Awoken Black Star

    Same-sex marriage doesn’t do anything except piss off Catholics. I’m Christian, so it doesn’t bother me. Christians give this stuff a chance, but Catholics ALWAYS reject the notion of love knowing no bounds.

  19. cranestormmm

    I dont understand how people can be so gentle when telling homophobes they are wrong. Id tell them to go shove a sharp stick up your homophobic cunt and then id probably break their stupid nose

  20. That one man was OUTRAGEOUS! Let’s not split hairs, here, sir. I’m from NY. Listen, sir. There’s only one attitude here and that’s mine. Case is dismissed with prejudice. That’s all. Step out!

  21. I am actually not gay but my friend is and she actually asked me to be her girlfriend…. I still havent answered and its been a few months.. I dont want to hurt her feelings… I know my dad would actually end my life if i was that way…. I support her and everyone like her ^^

  22. draintheswamp

    being gay is warped!! think what a sick act!!! and most sleep with anyone, complete strangers. they are like animals!!!

  23. Maddison Theloser

    I remember when my uncle got down on one knee and as his boyfriend to marry him manly because l was a third wheel. And a after he said yes the manger comes over and says that we where attacking another tables religious beliefs and we where kicked out but jokes on them because this happen in 2009 and they are still happily married with 3 kids and a beautiful house

  24. Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams

    If I were there all I would do is give them the stink eye the whole time they were there and do the “i’m watching you” signal..

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