Fiance Puts Fancy Wedding Dress On Me (One particular of My Wedding Dresses)

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Wedding dress was given by tidebuy, nevertheless I was not get paid in any way to make this video.

From: Yumi King玉米姐姐



  1. Florida Girl66

    OH MY you look absolutely beautiful in that red dress, wow ! its such a beautiful dress. You two make the CUTEST couple.

  2. Hello Kitty

    Hi . I love if u curl ur hair.. it must be so beautiful with curl hair.. and curl hair will make u look so matured and gojessss

  3. xXLittleReaperXx

    For her I would say for the red dress would be to get it fitted either that it you may need do the ribbon in the other way that way you can tighten it more with out possible cutting the dress also I think she going to need to trim the bottom if she really can’t walk she may hurt her self walking.

  4. Are y’all dumb? She said in the video it was sent to her for free and if you scrolled through the comments you would see she is not wearing that for the wedding day. Also I know a bunch of people who ket their husband/wife see their dress before the wedding. Smh at you guys.

  5. Is a beauriful dress. But i think something is weird, so he really loves you?

    I am just asking, is for nothing and sorry

  6. Fiancé puts dress on me..fiancé feeds me..flies for me..fiancé kisses me….goshhhhh..girl stop being a baby and act like a strong lady!!!!! He is very rude and he is not your daddy. If so many people are getting weird vibes, there must be at least partial truth to it. The world is not so kind, neither are all men..So beware please!!

  7. 你好漂亮 I’m still stuck on what to pick for my wedding dress. You should tell your Fiance it is normal in China to wear red as a bride.

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