Fake Cake, Totally free Dress and A lot more! How This Couple Slashed Their Wedding Price

Realizing the average wedding costs $27,000, Susan Anderson and Doug McCoy knew they wanted a lavish wedding with out breaking the bank. Now the couple is revealing how they have been in a position to cut expenses with out skimping on the style. Arriving to the venue, Anderson and McCoy skipped spending hundreds on a limousine, and instead called an Uber with the touch of their smartphones. Although some prefer the cordiality of a pastor, that can cost around $300.

From: Inside Edition



  1. Lunasissy Doll

    My uncle had a wedding cake with what was supposed to have five layers but two of them fell so they where made out of foam covered in icing

  2. Forgetful Merc

    Best to do: Court marriage and have a blasting honeymoon with that money you save.
    Or evev better :Don’t get married

  3. That’s someone who is a guy you gets his money doesn’t wanna spend it only on bills and that’s a bad idea I would get my girl in a rolls Royce and a mansion for the marriage

  4. Mr.steven LEE

    Lol cheap cake and cheap wedding and I am guessing when they get into a argument she gonna be like will since our wedding set up with fake cakes that means our marriage is fake to lol.

  5. Ruben Ramirez

    Why even get married the hole point is for the bride to know she spent the money and for the husband to know it was way to much what the point of this just don’t waste the time save it for a better day

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