Exact same-Sex Marriage: Do You Wear Engagement Rings?

Pat and Billy are getting married. They are using the subsequent year to make vlogs about the concerns and conversations they’ve encountered from friends, household and strangers about what it is like when two dudes get married to every other.

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  1. Shane McFamous

    I don’t wear rings really haha, but I think for me I would want something special to commemorate it. I would like a ring 🙂

  2. little mad you two didn’t smooch at the end. otherwise thanks for the insight and view into your lives. good luck with everything!

  3. A lot of engagement rings for women are part of set and the second ring is actually the wedding band so that’s one of reasons women get engagement rings too.

  4. I proposed to my partner on Valentines Day. I made him pancakes for breakfast and i spelled out the question with pancake letters and a heart shaped pancake. We had discussed in the past that he would like an engagement ring. I wasnt opposed to the idea so I got us a set. We wanted diamonds but it was a simple design, white gold with 10 small diamonds across the band it was 1kt total. I put the ring in the middle of the heart pancake. He said yes!

  5. We later decided that for the wedding we would get each other a plain thin gold wedding band that we could wear along the engagment ring. We dont want it to be gaudy so we want a very thin band. We actually looked at some and placed them along our engagement rings and they look very nice not gaudy at all. We always get compliments on our rings because they shine but aren’t flashy. I want a nice watch as a wedding present though. He doesnt wear watches.

  6. You seem like the coolest people ever! Your style, your house, your location, your personalities.. Everything about you is cool! 

  7. madonnagert

    Hi guys! thx for the great feed-back on all of these issues 🙂 it’s true there’s no rule for same-sex couples to do it like this or like that, so it’s nice to hear how other people are planning the whole engagement/wedding 🙂
    Wish you all the best and have a Great Married Life 2gether!!

  8. Rachel Fondeur

    random question; Did pat have some sort of lip piercing cuz there are red marks under his lip and lol im so weird for asking

  9. Kalisto Zenda

    I lost my ring moving and am going to my cousins wedding next month and people know my husband and I have been together 3 years, ill just be like my mom doesnt have one either… my dad just gave her one for like 8 years and stuff like a dolphin wrap around ring and he doesnt have a band. After I told my husband I was nonbinary he said I needed to propose, we will get around to replacing each others rings when we have the money. But dont need a ring to show love! congrats guys

  10. This is a god send set of videos, having just got engaged to my BF we have chosen to both wear rings but will use these for the ceremony as well.

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