Episode 1- Obtaining Began To Plan A Wedding

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Welcome to the 1st episode of our new series “Down The Aisle With Chriselle”! Even though I am extremely excited about my wedding, it’s been very overwhelming planning it all out. I decided to ask my buddy, Jen, from Green Wedding Shoes for some suggestions on how to start off planning this wedding of mine! She gave me some amazing guidelines that clarified a lot for me and helped me so a lot! Hopefully this will aid you or a person you know!

Remain tuned for the subsequent episode as you will get to meet my FIANCE for our engagement shoot!!

Music By- Colin Wright

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From: Chriselle Lim



  1. itsLawraine

    this little mini series is very cute! And i think it’s great that you decided to film the experience and post it for other not only so show your process but to help others in their own. very good job. =)

  2. Julla Nguyen

    HEY CHRISELLE, i go to school and i have to wear uniforms 🙁 can you make a video on how to make your school uniform more you know "stylish" i have to wear polos and khaki or navy blue pants/skirts PLEASE! my outfits are ugly 🙂

  3. I’m just going to say that in the frontal shots the flowers are the ones that are in focus :S but despite that I really like this 🙂 !!

  4. Jillian O'Keefe

    Chriselle thank you so much for making this I just got engaged right before Christmas and I’ve felt so overwhelmed sense and I only have 6 months to plan you helped so much I love you! Thank you so much and merry christmas

  5. kelsey keyer

    that sounds badass.
    Its better then walking around and seeing a girl’s cookie. >> Especailly when shes 400 lbs and has more skin showing then a stripper.

  6. Amelia EverythingBabyNames

    I’m so excited for this! I’m working as a bridal dress consultant and this is going to be fun, watching someone plan from start to finish, since I only see one part of it, and I haven’t done my own wedding yet! Good luck!

  7. anni l 浮世

    ikr my school runs on uniform to. It’s so UGLY!! But i paned out my own syles by Michelle Phan she has this video for that 🙂 so check it out

  8. channel2206

    @chrisellelim – i know you’re busy with ur wedding now but when you can, can you do a vd. on how to wear sheet and knit tops that are kinda………………..see through? can you talk about what to wear UNDERNEATH and how to mix and match the outfit piece to create different looks? thanks :]

  9. I like this more, it’s less fluffy. But if you have super straight long hair. It is sooo not you.. I only regonize Chriselle lim as short hair haha.

    Has Daven helped you out all that time?

  10. celineberry

    THe blogger girl says planning a wedding is so overwhelming, but it dosen’t have to be. I can’t be just simple. Love is not about throwing the best wedding or the biggest celebration. Love is about finding hapiness with someone that complements you. Celebrating is ok, but that’s not the point of Love.

  11. I feel like that girl from the blog is totally not excited with what she does / doesn’t really want to help. She keeps interrupting Chriselle whenever she’s trying to talk.

  12. Ann Le {Anneorshine}

    You are so beautiful inside and out! Your skin is amazing too! I feel so happy for you watching this video =) Congrats!!!

  13. i have to were a scotish skirt a green cardigan a white blouse and green tights dont complain and i need to tied my hair up and no jewerll is aloud onl a pair of little earings

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