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GG invited us to film his engagement celebration at The Hub. He said it would be a surprise proposal to his girlfriend. We loved how considerably thought he put into this a single moment. Everything was absolutely ideal, and (SPOILER ALERT!!) she stated yes!

From: Thoroughbred Film Productions



  1. I dont have anything against this at all..But my dear,this is not the "best engagement ever",however its the most publicized maybe.Best engagement shouldnt be based on the "show off" aspect of it,like the amount of cars,money or exposure it gets but the story behind it,your own unique love story.Sadly most young people nowadays only care if its grand and expensive,and this clearly translates in the amount of divorces we see.All the best to the couple,as you know,that was the easy after the wedding is where the marriage starts.

  2. Naisola Nellius

    Waoooo Waoooooo Waoooooo I pray to God to give my Professors such men and the marriage to last. By the way how was my engagement? Ngai cant remember.

  3. Hadn’t seen this but for sure it’s such a good proposal and one to always remember in your lifetime marriage.
    All the best Shiru n Gg

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