Engagement Photographs: Suggestions, Outfits + my photos! | Wedding Wednesday Ep.11

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Im taking you along our photography journey! Selecting a wedding photographer can be overwhelming, but picking out your outfits and your places (and POSES!) can be even far more stressful! I hope this video inspires you and answers some of your questions or fears for your engagement photo shoot!

||Wedding Wednesdays Line Up||

Ep. 1 The hunt for a wedding venue:
Ep. two The hunt for a wedding venue component 2:
Ep. three The wedding exercise:
Ep. four The bridesmaid proposal:
Ep. five The planning for the ceremony location:
Ep. 6 The reception spot settings:
Ep. 7 The wedding photographer and engagement photoshoot outfits:
Ep. eight The wedding rings and invitations:
Ep. 9 The gorgeous flowers:
Ep. 10 The wedding food!:
Ep. 11 The engagement images:
Ep. 12 The Wedding Decor Specifics:
Ep. 13 The Hunt for the New Married Apartment:

Florals by Esther from Wallflower Inspiration:
Photography by Suzi Jacobs:
Furnishings rentals by Archive Rentals:
Sharrah’s hair extensions by Lauren Ashlyn Collection:
Sharrah’s engagement ring by Honey Jewlery Co:
Other jewelry by Morra Jewelry –


Directed and Created by Robeson Design and style.
Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
All exclusive music provided by Jimmy Robeson
Royalty totally free music by Epidemic Sound

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  1. Crystal Moore

    How in the world are you guys going to choose one photo every shoot was just Beautiful. You love just flows off of each other ! Loving following your journey SF

  2. Hey Sharrah! Did you ever tell us how you two met? You could do a Q&A video all about how you two met, what y’all do for a living, ages, how many kids y’all want to have, where do y’all plan to live,etc…

  3. Sharrah you will have some beautiful pictures and memories from these videos and photos…so beautiful…Hugs Loretta

  4. Letícia Ghisi

    As soon as Rebecca showed up with the camera man’s hat I clicked on the LIKE button! She is sooo funny! I swear…what a mom you have!

  5. Vinita Mahaale

    The pictures…omg…look absolutely stunning…you both look great together…And it does seem it was a fun photo shoot…love you guys…Also I look forward to every wednesday to check new wedding wednesday videos…Loving the series…
    Love from India…

  6. Nahna Beeran

    Watching for the second time! so happy for you Sarrah! just enjoy when I see Rebecca! it’s like what’s she gonna do today? SF

  7. Nadia Setiabudi

    Although I do love the DIYs, I get so excited when I see your wedding videos! They’re so helpful and definitely a source of inspiration! 🙂 x

  8. Mrs. Mary Lamb

    Such beautiful photographs Sharrah !!! Congratulation’s on your upcoming wedding, I know it will be just perfect !!! You and Tyler look so relaxed and oh so happy !!! May God Bless You Alway’s and forever ~ Mary from Texas

  9. Those photos are BEAUTIFUL! I wish I’d thought to have engagement photos taken. It wasn’t a thing back then. Your locations are lovely, You are stunning and best of all, I can see the love in your face when you look at Tyler. Just perfect 💟👌💕

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