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  1. My nail tec is the bomb!! People drive hours ! Sorry but I think mine r prettier she puts strips of cellophane too beside stones she’s very creative n guess what yoo?? She’s in the inland empire🔥

  2. I see her the same, but still looking good. Congratulations on your engagement! Try Pizza Hut pizza cut in squares next time the pieces aren’t as big idk if it’s just me pero se antoja mas. Y con el "hut favorite" seasoning sprinkled on the crust. Mmm ya me dio hambre.

  3. Elizabeth Sanchez

    I love how Brian gives his opinion on dresses and nails he has so much love for Myra that he doesn’t Care to spend 2 to 3hrs at a nail salon 😂😂😂 #relationshipgoals 😍❤ #Snapchatfam ☺

  4. Mommiez Kreationz Tutus

    we are from Riverside as well 🙂 & whats the odds we are RENTERIA’S TOO!!
    love your vlogs, you looked beautiful on your GRWM video!
    CONGRATS! Cant wait to see the wedding

  5. Jessica Davila

    Girl if this your engagement party ya me imagino la boda !

    Come check out first vlog, my channel is about my daughter who is a special needs baby !

  6. my home town Riverside 😊..I love that mall 💖..all I can say is u look amazing..u don’t need to lose anything..u r beautiful 😊

  7. Faviola Cruz

    🙂 your fiesta looked freaking lit! hasta yo queria estar en tu engagement party 🙂 lmfao…i hope you vlog your wedding :))

  8. Brianna Martinez

    Mayra when I saw your Snapchat of your engagement party I notice that you have lost so much weight ! I was like damn what’s this girls secret, you looked really good to you and Bryan 😊

  9. The Adventures Of Mark

    Ok girl i hope to see you one day. I live on La Sierra and Victoria and makes me excited to see u driving down Victoria lol. I always go to the Dennys on Van Buren and go to the Tyler Mall. My friend works at Wetzels Pretzels there lol. Ill tell her to hook u guys up lol.

  10. Esmeralda Ayala

    loving your vlogs… but I end up having to listen to them because watching they make me so motion sick… but can’t wait to see your wedding!! congratulations you guys are super cute together!!

  11. Alicia Hernandez

    The service at that Denny’s absolutely sucks! The best place to go is Flo’s Farmhouse Cafe on Van Buren. It’s so bomb. 👏👏👏

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