Straightforward WEDDING ENGAGEMENT DINNER Celebration Ideas & DECOR @ Home

HI GUYS! Are you pondering about hosting an engagement or wedding dinner celebration in your house? I have a couple of guidelines for you in this video! Thanks for watching!

xo Tan

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    Wow everything looks beautiful.  Question, where did you find the deviled egg stand.  I’ve been looking for a nice one for entertaining.

  2. Tan you really out did yourself. The decor was elegantly beautiful. I am sure your guests enjoyed and the future bride and groom were surely appreciative of all the heart, soul/ effort you put into the event. Brava chica. Job well done!! xo

  3. Almetra Briggs

    Hello Tan! Your video showed up in my feed just as church started and I sat there thinking, as soon as Service ends I am going to view my ‘Unfrumpy Mommy’s" video. At one point I thought, I am going to leave early to see your magnificent tablescape and decor! You have amazing taste and every detail was gorgeous! I can only imagine how special each guest must have felt as they walked through the door! The fabric at the stairs, I am so going to do that at my home during the holidays! Thank you for making us all feel like part of your Unfrumpy Mommy team! Now if I could only figure out how to have some of your energy! I bought the mirror spray over a week ago and haven’t done anything with it yet! You are a very sweet lady. It shows in all the love displayed in every video! Hugs!

  4. This engagement party decor was GORGEOUS!!! I love watching your videos!! If possible could you do a video of the different activities that were on your program?

  5. silverteacakes

    What a FABULOUS job you did! I bet the guests of honor was FLOORED! You are truly gifted in the interior decorating and event planning areas. I love the idea of the program too. A great way to stay on track and takes the guess work out of " what to do next". I learned something here and will apply when I host an event. Thanks for sharing your hard work with us. It was beautiful. Too bad about the candy. Wish it could be donated but I know opened packages of food is a no no at most donation centers.

  6. Lyn's Sussex Life

    Well done Tan, its all beautiful, where do you store all your entertainment pieces, are they your or do you hire some?

  7. Theblackbumblebee

    ahhhhh, I missed you my you Tam, absolutely Beautiful, need more work out and skin care was in ATLANTA this weekend btw…Skin care over 40 because you are Flawless my sista#loveu

  8. Tan, Beautiful and Eloquently Done!!! The Food And Little Surprises Were So Special Too. You’re Such A Good Friend!!! Happy And Safe July 4th Weekend To You, Erik And Your Son!!!

  9. Nadolny Nearly In Focus

    Such a beautiful party!!! You should be a party planner!!!your home looked amazing 💕those mojitos looked so delicious 🍸🍸🍸

  10. Girl, you are amazing! Everything was EXQUISITE!!! Your friends are so fortunate to have you ( and hubby….   😉 let’s not leave him out). Every thing was so beautiful! You can see lots of time and love went into making this evening so special.  🙂

  11. Lillamae Adams

    Hi Tan, you did a fantastic job in decorating, I watched it three times and will share with friends of mine.  I pray that the happy couple will have a blessed marriage.

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