Drops the Ring off a Waterfall Whilst Proposing!

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Me and Cody met up 1 day to get an concept on how he ought to propose right after six years of dating his beautiful girlfriend Amberlie. Following a discussion at Starbucks this is the notion we came up with. The hard element was maintaining Amberlie from being aware of what was going on. It all turned out amazing as you can see from the video!

This was filmed by Tyson J Henderson
Edited by Tyson J Henderson

We shot this in American Fork Canyon, Utah

This song is by Olive Musique and is referred to as “Globe in Your Hands”
Download the song here at Premium Beats:

I shot this on my Canon Mark iii with a 16-35mm Lense.
Verify out Canons cameras and lenses right here

As far as how I made the camera look like it was flying in some components I used the Glidecam HD-4000. Check them out here

From: Tyson J Henderson



  1. Magical Unicorn

    Girl "Yes!" *hugs boy "It’s so pretty!" *boy drops ring boy"it’s the wedding band" *puts ring on…
    They barely cared that he dropped it

  2. Richard Hutchison

    I am glad that he found the ring after that scare. I wish he had taken off his sunglasses so that we all could have seen weather or not he was tearing up!

  3. You NEVER EVER show the ring first. You ask the question WITHOUT SUNGLASSES. And always do it privately. When there are tons of people around and especially a camera, it’s pressure. She doesn’t wanna feel like a bitch if she says no. You want an honest answer from your woman? Take her to your favorite hiking place with no one around…give a short memoir about how she makes you feel and then propose. Wait for her response. Then if she says yes give her the ring. This way you know she’s not a gold digger, she really wants to marry you because there’s no pressure from people watching. And if she says no, you can talk it out.

  4. melissa gamez

    she looks at the ring before hugging him…

    "Once Upon A Time not long ago i was hoe! and im admitting it, i wont take it back cause i did this shit i was a hoe!"

  5. Dennis Mackey

    I wouldnt put this film in my "top 10 movies of all time"…….I thought the acting was only slightly believable…….the story arc of the characters plodded along excruciatingly slow at times…..These characters were hard to "buy into"……..hard to get "emotionally invested" in the lead characters…..The plot was "formulaic" to say the least…….losing the ring….only to find it at the very end……typical "Hollywood climactic ending"………nothing very creative in the storytelling……The musical backdrop did not really fit the narrative…..editing was a bit "choppy" as well…….overall I would give this movie…..2 stars out of 5…..

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