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1:11 Weddings at a glance (how significantly income you will need)
two:34 Budgeting
3:40 Figuring out what’s crucial
four:05 Setting a date
5:19 Saying Yes to the Dress
7:09 Deadlines
7:42 Deciding on a venue
9:03 Receptions
10:36 Vendors (photographers, cake decorators, musicians, and so on)
11:08 Parties, showers, and so forth.
12:04 DIY projects
13:44 Accessories
14:21 Makeup/Hair
15:08 The Bridal Party
16:17 Anxiety

Valuable Hyperlinks:

For inspiration, organization, price range keeping, etc:

Handmade accessories and other cool customized things:

Save the dates and invitations:
(I employed the produce your own selection, but they also have a lot of wonderful templates you can personalize!)

Site host:
For inspiration you can see my internet site that i built (:

(I utilised to discover my wedding day photographer, you can search by your place)


Roc Castillo (Hairstylist, makeup artist)

Jasmine, Beauty By Jasmine (Makeup artist)


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Wedding Video
How I Get My All-natural Hair Straight
All About My Quick Hair
Eyebrow Tutorial
Everyday/ Full Face Makeup Routine
How I Curl My Hair
How To Uncover Individual Style
Makeup for Newcomers 101: Intro and Essential Items
How to Sew a U-Element Wig
How To Install + Style Clip Ins
Relationships FAQ

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  1. thecatbehemoth

    Hey! Love this video 🙂 Did you consider getting a wedding planner? What would be the reasons to consider getting one? I’m kinda on the fence about it, not sure if it’s worth the money…

  2. Mimi Moments

    I’m getting married next year and EVERYONE has alll these ideas of what i should do but NO ONE is offering any coin to bring those ideas to life. Thank you for this wedding!

  3. Louis Rodriguez

    a 15000 thousand dollar wedding for 100 ppl!?!? well I know not to trust this videos description of "wedding on a budget".

  4. Cornelius Wesley

    on the reception part,we didn’t have a reception,but we did have a small food table setup enough to feed about 50 ppl,my family cooked,which saved money,and other people who wanted to help brought food too,with a budget of $5,000,we spent about $3500,I can give pics if yall want

  5. Bonnie Wilson

    At the end of the day its just a few of hours in one day. Keep that in mind too, to keep yourself from going all nutty.. don’t put yourself in debt over a day.

  6. Bailey Shatney

    My fiance and I started shopping for our wedding before we were engaged (we just knew). I fell in love with a wedding dress that I had tried on while visiting my friend at her work (shes a bridal consultant). The dress ended up going on sale for $500 which was a huge discount so we started with that! If you spread the payments out, youll be able to afford it so much easier!

  7. Mike Delice

    Question, I’m single. In the future I would love to take my wife to the Bahamas or Hawaii for our honeymoon. Are there sites like that for me to go to find where its cheap?

  8. Brooke Belcher

    This was SUPER helpful! Wedding planning is stressful already and i’m just getting started! Thank you for the great tips!

  9. kaffi kaloo

    this may sound hard to believe, but, I didn’t notice how beautiful your hands were. was looking at hw lovely your nails were in there natural state and realized you do hv gorgeous hands. I envy u, I hv man hands.

  10. LaTonya Moody

    Your video has been the best I’ve seen so far. So nervous about planning bc my wedding isn’t going to be held in our city. It’s going to be in a city 3 hours away. :-(. So I knowwwwww its going to be a challenge.
    I wish I could see the video of your hair also. It’s private.

  11. Julie Bela Wamona

    Well i dont even have a boyfriend but i will not spend too much on my but my honeymoon…heyyy I am putting my money thereeee

  12. Ashley Musick

    My boyfriend is on social security and I’m applying for it; what would be your suggestion for someone who only makes 800$ a month?

  13. Vaniece King

    How were you able to edit your own wedding video??? Did you pay someone to capture it that ask them for the footage ???

  14. Got engaged two weeks ago and soooo stressed and excited to get married finally but as a college student and working part time, I will definitely have to set a budget soon. Pray for me yall lol.

  15. Angela marreiros

    How is 100 people a small wedding? I keep hearing this.. I’m having 35-40.. thanks for all your tips and tricks though 🙂 great video and I love your lip stick by the way

  16. Miguel Kouam

    One of the key components for your wedding party with be waitstaff. You can definitely use a website like eStaffMatch to find vetted trained event staff for your wedding.

  17. Maria Susana

    Thank you for this video! I just got engaged and will be getting married in a year. I’m also located in Dallas so I’ll be using a lot of your advice here!

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