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ITS WEDDING SEASON! And I have tons of Wedding DIY coming up for all of you.

This 1st wedding diy is a low cost and very straightforward wedding sign for all of your guest. They can see exactly where they are sitting down from this DIY Wedding Seating Chart. You can even draw your seating chart proper on it! I do want to make a suggestion which is to LEAN it on one thing such as an easel or a wall as the foam board could break.

You can also place one thing challenging such as wooden dowels to help the back so that the foam doesn’t snap! I genuinely enjoyed this DIY and I hope you will too.

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From: ClaCali



  1. Fabian Castillo

    Here is a another tip. if you want to save hundreds of dollars in flowers, try an online wholesale flower store like Magnaflor, their flowers are cheap and have really good quality, my wife and I used them for our wedding and thanks to that we could afford a few more days in our honeymoon 🙂 Good luck!

  2. ClaireUniuqueBeauty XoX

    This is a really good idea.
    I’m not having a sit down meal but I want Somthing for mine n my partners family members that have passed away

  3. I loved this tutorial!! Thank you! Out of curiosity, does the chalk marker wipe off easily? If it does that would definitely make fixing mistakes easy, but make transporting the piece difficult so as to not mess up the writing!

  4. Angela Clark

    Pennsylvania here. Great work! Where were you 2 months ago when I glued invitation cards to a picture frame for my sister’s wedding! Lol. Thank you for sharing

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