Cutest Proposal Ever! Worth the watch!

Break out the tissues, this proposal will have you crying satisfied tears. Read the complete story right here:




  1. Hello everyone, I have a HUGE favor that will literally only take a second. My fiance is trying to win a wedding dress at our local store. I proposed to her while on a cruise, I had planned a surprise excursion on her birthday and while 35 feet under water I tapped her on the shoulder and proposed. Pictures are included as we had the go-pro going 🙂 Photos and our story are included in the link! It would mean SO much if you could literally take two seconds to give us a like as it will be one step closer to giving her the beautiful dress she deserves! Thank you everyone, bless!

  2. Im thinking of proposal ideas like, would it be cute if i propose with the ring she gave me when we were in high school senior year, its just stainless steel, wdyt?

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