Book a lot more weddings this engagement season with these ten suggestions | Live WEBINAR

In this recording of a reside webinar I delivered inside of the #photoboss FB group where I cover ten guidelines for booking much more weddings this engagement season. These are issues you can do and operate on all through your enterprise that will give you the best likelihood of becoming found, referred, and enhance your all round brand presence. This is the time of year where a lot of couples are receiving engaged and are hunting for a wedding photographer! So full these measures for best practices.

1. Update your portfolio (web site and blog)
2. Produce a social media game plan (what, when, where)
three. Set up the back finish and contracts ahead of you get flooded with inquiries (contracts)
4. establish your on boarding procedure (honeybook 50% off http://share.honeybook.com/fTi8j)
5. Have a clear objective in thoughts
6. Strategy exactly where your visitors will come from
7. Never overlook about your existing clients (referrals)
eight. Get clear on your brand vision, message, and values
9. Find a mentor
ten. Q&A time is complete of bonus queries and guidelines

JOIN THE Community! #Photoboss FB Group: http://bit.ly/photoboss

CLIENT management computer software: honeybook 50% off http://share.honeybook.com/fTi8j

I have not been paid to market or endorse any of these items. These are my honest opinions and thoughts. All gear has been bought with my personal cash. Some links are Affiliate hyperlinks, meaning that at no cost to you, I might get a modest commission if you buy it.

Please watch: “How to strategy a a styled shoot for photographers | marketing tips!”


From: Joy Michelle Photography



  1. Aubre Delaney

    I was trying to use the honeybook code, but it just takes me to the log in page for honeybook, and doesn’t show me a code or anything to use once I log in, and the prices are all the same as they have been.

  2. Life and Little Toes

    Just found your channel and have just binged watched all your videos, your experience is so helpful and you are a real inspiration for someone like me just starting out in the photography business. I have a question? How do you carry your lenses on a wedding day? I am shooting all prime and will have two bodies but not sure on the best way to carry other lenses. Also would love to see a video on outfits you wear for your wedding days and how you style them. Thank you and Love from London, England x

  3. I actually took down my blog and stopped using facebook business and more than doubled my bookings from 25 to over 60. I focused on instagram more but I don’t think im getting leads that way.
    I kinda wonder if blog traffic really converts often
    Next year im going to cut back down to 20 bookings or so.

  4. Sandor Kocso

    can you give us some tips on the group on in a video about how often to post to fb, fb business page, insta, etc, esspecially in the winter (booking season)?

  5. Rode Toussaint

    Hey Joy! Great video. I don’t enjoy writing but I like being in front of the camera from time to time. Do you believe vlogging is just as beneficial as blogging?

  6. Taylor Krauser

    In a future video can you please go into detail about insurance, what exactly you need, when to get it, where to obtain it, etc. I would also be interested in learning more in depth on personal costs of photography businesses, for example, how much you spend on marketing/month, all the tools you use. Thank you!

  7. Hilary Dennis

    Hi Joy, in one of the recent uploads that I watched you shared a design tip for Pixieset – specifically, to add a favourites section as the first thing that is shown in the gallery and to name it after your own name. Great tip! However, I find that first of all, if I favourite images I’ve uploaded then they go into a standard folder and I can’t rename it or move those photos into the folder I’ve created. So, could you please explain the process you’ve used ? I thought I could favourite uploaded images and they’d automatically go to the favourites folder I created ? Do you upload images into two locations ? Seems like it would take up more space and time! Thank you.

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