Best Proposal Ever – Surprise Proposal – This Will Make You Cry

I’m ENGAGED & this is the Best Proposal Ever! The Surprise Proposal occurred in London! This will make you cry so get your tissues 🙂

This is my Fiances channel he LOVES to inspire individuals-

Where he got the ring from-

We are NOW married and you can watch our wedding video here-

From: BeautyPOP



  1. omgosh I’d cry too. How do you tell your man what size ring you wear? lol…Leave the number 7 in various locations? Or does he guess? I’d think 7 is most common for a girl my height/build. Poor guys, that wouldn’t be easy. Great video.

  2. You have more likes then subscribers so I will attempt to change that with your sweet loving proposal and acceptance, congratulations!!…so, my engagement gift to you since this is my first time watching you is I will subscribe once I finish this comment💝

  3. It really makes me cry right now, i really love it and you guys are really do seem in love, may you have an eternal love together.

  4. Dominique Romero

    this is what id want me and my future hubby unexpected and sweet way better than theae insane proposals. wayyyy more memorable

  5. julio martinez

    I truly love this video ive watched it waaay tooo many times than one should but i cant stop putting love on replay and truly no one should ever try to stop it:)

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