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Best Marriage Proposal TRICK Ever! Oliver & Chrissy’s Surprise Engagement

Verify out the marriage proposal that shows you how considerably entertaining you can have tricking your significant other on one particular of the biggest days of your life!!! We go from surprise birthday, to surprise newscast, to surprise (you have been carrying about your engagement ring for months), to surprise engagement, to surprise your sister flew from out of state to be here.

I (Oliver) came up with this idea when Christmas 2012 was coming, and thought about how devious it would be, to get Chrissy to un-knowingly carry about her engagement ring for MONTHS on her new automobile keys with only me realizing the truth. I merely told her the dealership wanted a tracker to remain on her keychain till the second set of keys came in. -) I then employed Chrissy’s birthday as a entertaining way to get loved ones in the room with us for a surprise that would turn into anything even Bigger than imagined. I hope you enjoy this short glimpse into a magical moment of our lives.

Thank you to all our Pals and Household who shared this particular event with us! Specific Thanks to Pete, Chris, Jordan, Erica, (The Boys), Taylor, Trista, Ashley, Dimi, etc… For the video, and logistical help.

Much Love,




  1. Eric Taylor

    The trick gift is not a new trend. My dad got my mother an electric sander for Christmas in 1985. But this was not6 her REAL present. Her real present was a pair of diamond earnings.

  2. Katy Tackett

    She seemed a little underwhelmed for the car and the engagement lol I wish them the best though! Maybe she isn’t good at showing emotion?! Lol

  3. Very beautiful bride! You are a lucky man! Take care for her, love her for all of your life! Remember that except you, many men desired to marry her! 

  4. bertie smit

    Hahaha, great bro. I asked my girl to marry me in a car while we were waiting outside her girlfriend’s house to pick her up for a party. My girl thought I asked her on a date…WTF?. Hahaha.We’ve been married for 25 years now and its still going great!!.

  5. Badger BadgerBadger

    3:50  You can see the actual moment where she realizes she’s about to get emotionally raped by her entire family and friends.

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