Ideal EPIC surprise engagement proposal ever, and happiest moment of my life.

Jena thought she was going to accept a verify for charity with her mom at a UK game.


We walk in, I insist I need to use the restroom, then down to Sheila Bayes I go to modify into a suit, which I almost did not get on in time. Then up the stairs comes one solo trumpeteer to get things started. ANd that is exactly where we begin.

In the finish, in front of everybody we know and several we do not, I split my pants when I picked her up. Some excitement literally bursts from the seams, it seems.

Take pleasure in.


From: William G.J. Gerard



  1. Down Right Awesome Proposal Man. You Guy’s just seem to fit Perfect Together. Wishing You Good Health and Happiness forever..

  2. Mahendra Bagul

    Congratulation…. I was just checking for some happy moment videos I found ur video… It really made my day…. God bless u both..

  3. Ron Patterson

    Congratulations to you both. I enjoyed your surprise proposal so much so i missed the end of my movie. ha ha. You are one lucky guy 🙂

  4. Jason Marks

    From now on your new names are Moxy and Foxy…..Cause dude you got plenty of Moxy for that proposal and She obviously has plenty of Foxy..God Bless

  5. Her jumping up and down when you walked towards her is something I can only hope for if I get to that point in my life! Congrats

  6. Derrick Bergman

    Hate to say it but now that I know what is in the hearts of Americans, when I see them in public like this I see how awful they are inside and out. So sad how far they have fallen.

  7. I love to watch your engagement video. It s one of the way to repair my mood. Totally romantic and cute. Hope you two will be very happy together !:)

  8. Huge kudos to this guy’s proposal! He deserved a "yes" from his gal. He is a stud all the way. Too bad the musical selection played by the band was god-awful.

  9. ATrueLove,com

    The most romantic proposal I’ve ever seen, all well done. Thank you for sharing your beautiful happy momemts in your life with us. Congratulations to both of you.

  10. colin mcarthur

    hi william what shopping mall was that were what state im from glasgow scotland uk and i work in a mall here in the uk onece again that was a great video and a surprise to your girlfriend

  11. WHOA!!!  DUDE!!!  That was soooooo incredibly cool!!  So joyous and loving.  Did you see how happy you made her?!  That was so great.  A blessed and very happy life for the two of you …FOREVER!!!  Hooray for Team Jena!!!

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