Ideal Engagement Ever – Rondi Engaged

For the duration of a nice tiny afternoon hike, and with Mandi totally oblivious to what was going on, I popped the query!

From: Run, Sickboy, Run




    i am your son and you gave birth to me when you broke my heart
    i am the son of your action
    i become this terrible human been now because of you Love.

  2. Simone dulcie

    people leave the craziest comments on youtube! …conan obrien actually did a skit on youtube comments (people in the audience!!!) because they’re so extreme sometimes…(like yours) …but , ignore most of those! this is the most beautiful, sincere, loving proposal ive swen on here! (ya know, a girl’s gotta stay positive about this ;)!) ….congratulations!!! 🙂 thanks for sharing this! and hope everything went well at the wedding! 🙂

  3. Uh, glad you guys are so happy, but did it occur to either of you to get away from the edge? You almost gave me a freakin heart attack. Congrats BTW.

  4. beautiful video. you are a lucky man,, good luck to both of you. I was looking  for a video to get ideas about how to surprise my girl,, now fiancée,, and  your video was the best.

  5. Diana McDonald

    1st congratulations. 2nd why would you two decide to have your picture taken on the edge of a mountain? That is dangerous! I would never ever do that with anyone!

  6. Arianna Hawk

    i love that he brought up God because God does have 2 people in mind that will love and bring alot to this world together! so happy for them!

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