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An NFL Players Heartwarming Proposal: A Love Story

Thank you Ced and Charlotte for letting me be apart of this stunning moment. “An NFL Players Heartwarming Proposal: A Really like Story”

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  1. Portia Williams

    His relationship with her brother!!!!! Omg that’s love!!!!!!! His promise to be in his life forever awwwwww! Lol 😍😍😘😘😍😍😘😘

  2. I am usually right about people and this guy is a really good person, a really nice guy and she seems very sweet so i am very very happy to see this. Wish you all the best xoxo

  3. James Felipe

    The butterfly significance story was as touching as the proposal, and that song written by the dude with the dog brought it all together. Well done video…best video proposal ever!

  4. Milan Calderin

    It was a beautiful proposal. I think it would have been even nicer to see Cederic side of the family. I am pretty sure somebody should have been invited.

  5. Denisha Lennon

    Congratulations to the both you I’m a person that’s loves butterflies so the butterfly story had me in tears RIP Matty

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