Natural Light Wedding Photography – Ideas, Tricks & Posing

Employed the 35MM 1.four Canon Lens!
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Maison Farola in DETROIT – Floral Bouquet
Nicole Herman – Makeup
Katrina Malota – Hair
Blush Bridal Couture BIRMINGHAM – Dress

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From: Jessica Kobeissi



  1. this is great for posing ideas etc, but i’ve got my first wedding and i’m still anxious and feel i need more info xD especially for indoor shots & while it’s all crazy & busy!!

  2. Bhimbi Fannoni

    Are you using external flash or is it just the editing? if it is, how do you edit the photos. cause they look very amazing. thank you in advance. Love from Indonesia 🙂

  3. I noticed you use very low f-stop and ISO settings with very high shutter speeds. I’m going to give that a shot tomorrow with my 50mm prime lens (that’s my only prime lens). Also, I always thought to always have the sun facing the subjects, but I noticed in the first set of shots you had the sun behind the subjects. That’s not something I would have tried, but I’m going to give it a shot.

  4. Hi Jessica! Love this video and all of your videos! Were you shooting on Aperture priority? if not, How do you meter the light so quickly??

  5. Corrie Hill

    Shooting my first wedding this weekend! Love watching your videos as it keeps me motivated and love learning new tips and tricks!!

  6. Maureen Isree

    love your photography, did you only use available light, not flash or off camera flash or reflectors? also what lens did you use and aperture? thank you!

  7. Deep Desire

    this is funny
    how come she has so many subscribers ? she shoots in bad crappy natural light and not even using strobes .. anyone holding a camera make a YouTube video and claims to be a photographer

  8. Love the out of focus cars in the background and all the negative blown out white space, the inconsistent Instagram looking filters are hideous. If you had this couple dress up and have no time constraints, why did you pick a cement walkway and some random buildings with air conditioners popping out of them?

  9. Meghraj Khachar

    Hi Jes, a quick question. I’m confused that how is it possible to have these bright faces of this couple behind the sun and that to without any lights or a reflectors!!

  10. Virginia V.

    Jessica thank you so so much for this video! I am shooting my first wedding today and made detailed notes of this video plus a shot list, as you recommended. It was full of super helpful tips.

  11. Not a fan. She seems to just be rushing around saying anything she can without actually looking at things like the brides 90 degree arm which is never a nice look. Garbage bins in the background. The groom is also nervous and she hasn’t really done anything to make him comfortable. Just my opinion.

  12. Mario Vaden

    Aside from the very last photo, this reminds me why I don’t like to rely on just natural light anymore, or skip putting hood on my lenses.

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