A Surprise Employees Proposal

Last year, Ellen’s field producer, Aaron, wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Ellen’s wardrobe assistant, Jen. He asked for Ellen’s support and together they planned an elaborate — and romantic — on-air engagement!

From: TheEllenShow



  1. Adam St.Martin

    October 13, 2017—- Ellen is a great lady…I am so glad that she the host of the show…she fills people’s heart…She loves to dance on her show…that is way cool….God Bless Ellen….

  2. Ellen’s shows are great it doesn’t just inspire other people but it also helps a lot of people. More power to this show.

  3. Awesome, Ellen you’re a great woman, I hope you find the right woman for you, why are you still single? You deserve to be happy, find your woman, settle down, have children, be happy, much love to you

  4. The Indian Vlog

    I thought LESBIANS are non human
    but after watching more nd more ELLen
    she s shattering all my thoughts
    How can 1 be more human than this ??????????
    luv u ELLEN

  5. Barbara Schraven

    Oh Ellen I’m watching all these clips on you tube and my heart is doing flip flops. The dog the adopted all the emotional upset. Erin coming in to propose such normal everyday human interactions that we can all appreciate and understand. You’ve had your lows, l myself was sexually assaulted when l was nine didn’t tell my mother until I was 17 she couldn’t cope or didn’t want to be believe my brother 9 years older than me could do that. Real life emotions on your show relatable and heart reaching. I don’t know why I’m opening up maybe because l relate to the real trauma that you yourself have opened up about. Children are my great love my grandchildren are everything to me, we several years ago had to move to a more affordable area so we could retire there however it’s a three hour drive and due to back issues don’t see my family often. Life can definitely throw some sad things in your path. I’m glad you found Portia a true Aussie!

  6. ooh this s so cute especially when she was starring at him on creen then slowly he comes from behind.hope you guys are happly married now

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