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A Really Sweet Proposal (when he cries, you’ll cry) from

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  1. Pamela Noble

    Good morning, my 💘.How are u, find I sorry about your mother..beautiful woman of God..the queen of your life..great woman of God..sorry I didn’t get to meet, that very special woman of your life..but we will meet in heaven..💘 u so much..May God continue to bless and family..

  2. Their music is really nice it suits to the event and I love this wedding proposal. Girl you are lucky to have a man like him. Congratulations I wish you all the best in life.

  3. My absolute dream proposal. I wish I could go back to the age 25 so I can seek my heart out,, before I met my husband. made a giant mistake. The blessing you both have,, wow never seen such a perfect way to show your undying love for such a beautiful women. always communicate and show our Heavenly Father unconditional love, bless your family,, bless your lives together. I absolutely wish you a grand, love that enriches all your love and makes your heart sing! God is 1st , for all you have.

  4. Amber Accola

    Most people never think about this but, men have to summon a LOT of courage to ask their girlfriend that life changing question

    "Will you marry me?"

  5. Sorry to be a Scrooge, but this is really not it how I would like to be proposed to. The whole time she knows what is going to happen. She has to put on make up, wear a certain dress while people take pictures of her constantly and is being filmed all up in her face. Sitting in the taxi, everyone watching your every move and looking what you’re going to say. No sorry, I would like to be surprised, in an intimate situation that is special for the TWO of us and have it with him and only him. Maybe a hidden camera somewhere so we can remember the moment and show family but not more than that. Heck, he doesn’t even has to buy me an expensive ring, a candy or toy ring would do the job for me. But it seems like there is this trend that guys have to do a whole flashmob for the girl to say yes to him. Talk about pressure.. I think the most important thing is that the guy you love asks you to spend the rest of your life with him, I think that’s special enough.

  6. Richene Vanderford

    This is THE BEST surprise and beautifully orchestrated proposal. Best of luck to the two of you. You obviously have creativity for making many years together full of excitement and surprises.

  7. Monikah Lara

    Thats was beautiful. I didn’t cry on the outside but it felt like it on the inside. Love is truely a beautiful thing that we all are lucky to have. What ever or who ever you are, just know love is love and nothing will ever change that. I am proud that people can still make beautiful things like this come to life.

  8. Lashonda Mcknuckles

    I love to see proposals! I’ve been married over 23 years and I didn’t get a proposal. We just decided to get married. So I love this kind of thing!

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