31 INSANELY Affordable Price range Travel Destinations to Pay a visit to NOW

This comprehensive list shows the 31 Cheapest Price range Travel Destinations in the World. Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers give you pro price range travel tips on what to do in each and every insanely inexpensive destination!



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  1. Nice try but for Greece, two of the three islands mentioned are actually the MOST CRAZY EXPENSIVE ones in the whole country, while there are others that you can literally spend the same amount you spent in Mykonos for one day and stay for a month. Maybe some actual research would be nice next time.

  2. Shea Riggenbach

    I lived in Bulgaria for two years and it’s amazing! I recommend Veliko Tărnovo, the old capital. It has a castle. Also Rila Monastir, very peaceful mountain monastery.

  3. MARIA Hernandez Cervantes

    Nicaragua is awesome, cheap, and their people are super nice. I just spend 8 days traveling the country. It’s super safe and getting from one place to other is super easy using the chicken bus. The views are stunning. ❤️

  4. I’ve been to Cambodia,Thailand,Vietnam,
    I recommend Vietnam its still my favorite place.
    So much I bought a house thier in nah trang 2 blocks from the beach..

  5. Iʻve been to Greece and Indonesia, both are beautiful countries. We stayed in Bali and Jojakarta. In Greece we stayed in Athens and Ermoupoli (Syros).

  6. You can find flights from Madrid to Lisbon no sweat or Faro witch is far more welcoming to tourists then Lisbon IMHO. and go from Faro to Lisbon by train passing through Costa vicentina witch is paradise on earth. Great video. Thanks for the Intel.

  7. Tess Lawrence

    I have been to Bali 7 times and for Xmas I got a surprise trip to Bali! I love it heaps and I definitely recommend it for travellers! We usually stay in Legian or Kuta as water bom park is in Kuta and Legian is very close by😊

  8. Yes, I have been to Guatemala. Very cheap and I got to travel to see the Mayan temple and Antigua. I did stay at grandma’s house though. So that helped.

  9. Aldo Acevedo

    Guatemala is probably the most beautiful place in Central America. Don’t know why you say it’s overshadowed by it’s neighbours

  10. ugh, i hate that everything is getting more expensive. i’m gonna be a world-traveller but i’m 16 & have to wait a few years.

  11. You forgot BRAZIL….is not cheap but isn’t too expensive either and is an AMAZING country that has it all ♡♡♡♡ 🇧🇷 ….and you also forgot mine country CUBA🇨🇺 the biggest island in the Caribbean with beautiful beaches, great food ,great people and is cheap! 😉

  12. Mikie OneLove

    Hello. My wife and I are planning to make a trip to Cape Town, South Africa after watching this video. Do you have any hotel recommendations? I’ve been looking on trip advisor and found some good ones but I’d still like your recommendation. Thank you.

  13. been to thailand 11 times its not cheap if you plan to party every night. You can spend £100 a day easy. £100 is around 4400bhat say 1000 for hotel 1000 for food leaves 2400 which is roughly £55, in the best clubs its 150 for a beer which is around £3.45 so 10 beers leaves you with £21 for massages and tourist stuff. see its not so cheap

  14. vagabrothers

    What’s up Vagabonds! Hope you enjoy our video and if you’re not already subscribed, hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any future uploads. Please share other topics you’d like us to make videos about. Stay curious and keep exploring!

  15. SokAn Chhoun

    So glad that Cambodia is up there 🙂
    Come to Cambodia, it has EVERYTHING you wish for. FOR A CHEAPER PRICE !! With FRIENDLY people…. Thanks me later !!

  16. I loved ur list, it gave me lots of ideas of what to include in my list. But I wanted to draw ur attention to Jordan as one of the greatest culture and touristic areas in the Middle East. If u need any help in getting information about it or if you guys plan to come I would love to show u around 👍

  17. Edward Victors

    Philippines where you can make instant friends if your mom from the west told you not to speak to strangers, there they love to talk to tourist and make them feel they are welcome and not a stranger no more, aside from more than seven thousand beautiful islands with their own different chracteristic, cheap food and accommodation the nations best assets are the friendly english speaking locals and those white sands beaches makes you want to stay forever…

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