3 Tips for Proper Wedding Etiquette

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Remember these wedding guidelines if you are the bride-to-be or will be attending a wedding!

From: Rachel Cruze



  1. Rachel Donnell

    One more, if you invite a person to the wedding, that means they are invited to the reception too. I was invited to a wedding, but told it was for the ceremony only, not the reception because they couldn’t afford it.

  2. Rebecca Suraci

    wedding etiquette : if you cant afford to be in the wedding party POLITELY DECLINE. the reverse: if you are asking someone to be in the wedding party be open and honest about the finances it involves if that person has never been the maid of honor before. AND if you don’t know THIS STUFF IN THE BEGINNING (but find out later) dont be rude about it. a person may want to support you emotionally but simply CANT AFFORD to plan all these trips and lavish gifts like maid of honors are expected to do! at the end of the day a lavish party thrown by a friend dies not make or break your MARRIAGE!

  3. Don’t get married at all ! There’s no benefit to a man to get married what’s so ever. Weddings are a complete waste of money.

  4. Emily Smith

    My aunt invited my mother on the 3rd round of invites (after other people declined). I was never invited. My boss at the time, who is not related to us, attended the wedding. Ugh.

    I won’t go to stingy weddings like that. If you can’t afford for your own family to be there, you can’t afford the type of wedding you are having. It’s ridiculous. lol

  5. Hi Rachel, Im a mom and found your videos recently and get addicted to it. I followed you and your dad in iG. Love love your vlogs. I have 2 daughters one is in college and one is senior this year. We watched and look for your videos and conferences. We love everything from your cooking to budgeting and even skincare sharing . Can you make a video for wedding expenses advise for those who wants to have simple but elegant wedding without overspending and

    Also, question for you which one is better to spend the money on the wedding or honeymoon? Can you also share little bit about your wedding to encourage and motivate your viewers that is going to get married soon or later. You’re such a blessing to me and to my family. I’m learning a lot about you, your wisdom and principles in life. God bless your ministry and keep doing what you’re doing cause you bring joy, hope and blessings to us as your viewers.

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