ten Guidelines For The Best Proposal | How To Pop The Query In Style
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You have found ‘the one’ and now it’s time to ask her to marry you. It is personal, and no one particular-size-fits-all. Nevertheless, in this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and life style professional, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro goes over measures to aid knock it out of the park.

Actions to Pop the Question Flawlessly

1. Pick the proper lady

two. Confirm step #1

three. Pick a proposal date

four. Choose a place

5. Choose and obtain the ring (right after discovering out her style preference)

6. Hide it!

7. Plan what you are going to say then repeatedly practice

eight. Determine if you want to record the moment … and how

9. Execute the plan

ten. Hit the knee and pop the question

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  1. Wisanu Sae-wang

    Follow steps for proposal:
    1. Wait for the perfect moment
    2. Kneel
    3. Open the box and show her Tiege Hanley, the best skin care system on the market.
    Congratulations, you have done it.

  2. Desmond DeLeon

    Diamonds! Because nothing says "I love You" like a superficial, over valued rock clawed from the guts of the earth by African slave labor.

  3. Lostsoul060685

    hey alpha I have been a subscriber since I started my journey of changing my life and you have just been a lot of help. Changing lives is what you do. I’m about to propose to the girl I love in 2 weeks, This really help!! 🙂


    How to camp like a gentlemen

    how to play sports even when you can’t

    how to start a fire

    how to spin a basketball on your finger

  5. Harvin Batista

    oh I’m blushing and everything…. YES I’ve being waiting to subscribe for a long time I was just waiting on you to pop the question on the right moment. I so gonna click that bell after I subscribe!!!!!

  6. madness overdrive

    My girlfriend has said she is gonna propose to me, I’m actually shitting myself.
    I’m gonna say yes but like I have no idea when it’s coming

  7. You only need to know 1 of 2 things from her. Is she a White Owl or Dutch Masters girl. Find out. Then go get her that killer cigar ring! Good luck my man! (not that you’ll need it!)

  8. Bogdan Ghiorghiu

    That’s how you make ads nowadays. Envelop them in a 10 tips video with filled not with tips, but with ridiculously obvious steps like "are you sure? are you sure you’re sure? pick a date, pick a place, buy a ring, ask the question". Don’t put too much content though, 50% ad, 50% content is enough to get 100.000 views.

    Not trying to be mean. It’s just my honest reaction to this. I like his other videos.

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