I realize I’m not wearing my WEDDING RING in my WEDDING video! I took it off to shoot a film. 🙁 Anyway, hope these ideas are helpful! Shoutout to Kyle Herman and Ray Nikpour for the wedding footage! A lot more wedding vids to come! 🙂


VENDORS I Utilized:
-Wedding Day-Of Coordinator: Wild Heart Events
-Food – Trejo’s Tacos
-Photography – B&E Photography
-Videography: Kyle Herman and Ray Nikpour

-Hair/ Makeup: Wendy J. Diaz
-Flowers: Wild Roots Floral – Jessica Steele
-Bar: Basically Cocktails
-Ceremony Venue: Santa Barbara County Courthouse
-Reception Venue: Cabrillo Art Pavilion


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  1. Princess Koko

    Well I got engaged for my birthday back in April and I’m so freaked on how many small details there are smh 🤦🏿‍♀️. I already asked my fiancé can we just elope lol 😂 he said no 🤦🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️. But then has panic attacks sometimes when we have to do things and we’re also our friend’s wedding and she’s ready to throw herself off a bridge smh 🤦🏿‍♀️. So much fun 🙄. Everyone and they’re stupid opinions and I just can’t. Congrats on your marriage

  2. Amanda Carhart

    I just got engaged this month so I’ve been watching wedding videos non-stop and I have to say that this video is by far the best I’ve watched!! So thank-you for helping this new subscriber out! 🙂

  3. Marissa Lynn

    I’ve watched this video 3 times lol My wedding is in a month and I’m SOOO stressed out! These are really great tips though 👍

  4. fuck perfect. i love IT (I wrote "i love YOU" but realised you’re a married woman now. NO LOVE FOR U MISS, ONLY THE PHRASE)

  5. another idea for invitations: if you have a (good) graphic designer in the family/as a friend, they will probably have the software to design the invitations and will likely do it on the cheap with a "family discount." also they have something to put on their portfolio so it’s a win-win. if you don’t know any graphic designers then nikki’s idea is great too. signed, a starving artist.

  6. I probably won’t get married, but man, your wedding is so similar to the one I would plan if I were to actually get married. Congratulations, I am so happy for you both. I wish you both a happy life together. May your lives be filled with love and growth.

  7. Shannan Marie

    my wedding is in october in vegas and thank god for that because they are taking care of all the wedding ceremony planning. which is nice but the "little things" are the most stressful! dress,tux,rings,dinner,,getting family and friends to vegas, activities while were there ugh! it’s stressful no matter what!

  8. Leah Sanders

    Just so happy for you and Steve. Dust flies in my eye every time I see photos or videos. You crazy kids are growing up so fast!

  9. Rasbell Del Rosario

    Thank you so so much… I needed this! I’m planning my wedding and my anxiety has been off the charts 😭 congrats to the both of you!

  10. Otter Get Up and Ride

    I always forget you are from Santa Barbara. Representing the 805! By the way, I enjoyed this video. We have two years, and after this video, I feel that we still don’t have enough time!

  11. Tracey Owen

    I’ve watched your wedding vlogs, and you deserve your happiness hon. Your honesty is so refreshing! 😁
    I’m getting married in 12 months and your tips are great. I love "fuck perfect" because perfect = too much stress. Oh – and you looked stunning on your wedding day! x

  12. Shanelle Mora

    I was wedding planning, I bought my dress and had other things done but then life got in the way. SO I’m back in the wedding planning process. We eloped but I’m determined to wear my Vera Wang dress, its too pretty not to wear!..oh and my husband is from San Bernardino and I’m from New Mexico, so picking a venue will be fun….

  13. Melanie Love

    honestly I’m just watching this for you. I’ve been with somebody for 9 years & im pretty convinced he will never propose.

  14. The favors for us is given when the guest put money on you. The bride and groom go around when the music starts and get money pinned on them. The women put money on the groom and men put money on thr bride!! So the favors must be good… $50, $100 you get from one person even $200 from another and all together the married couple from there wedding they got at the end of the day $1,500 or even $2,450.

  15. Yay! Congrats to you and Steve!

    I helped my cousin with all her wedding planning last year, it was pretty much all diy-ed by me and my other cousins. Man that was hell, kind of makes me re-think having a wedding and eloping instead lol

  16. Jackie Carmichael

    Love this video!! I just got married June 11th and I agree, Wedding planning sucks!! I was OCD about the wedding but you are so right.. no one noticed all the mistakes. We had 3 photographers and videographer and 2 wedding planners!! So glad its over.Love your dress! Congratulations to you!!

  17. I literally cried when i watched your version of the wedding- omg steve made my chin jiggle and my lip quiver, and h m crying… and your face.. omgosh i couldn’t…….lmao! You guys are so cute… congrats nikki! Idk how to tag you so i hope you see my comment! And fyi you looked/look AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!!

  18. james sanchez

    If you have a family member or a friend who is artistic, they probably like photography and are very good at it. Review their picks. When my nephew got married, he did hire a wedding photographer, but everyone thought that my brother who is an artist took better pictures. So when my nephew’s sister in law got married they had my brother take the pics and I am certain he did it for free as part of their wedding gift.


  20. iluvharrypotter97

    I’m not going to get married in one day lol and I’m not wearing a dress (I’m wearing Like 10 different Indian outfits)

  21. popcornnn21

    No hate but the inner OCD person in me is slightly agitated that her eyeliner is thicker on one side than the other side.

  22. I can’t like this enough! Specifically for number 8. I’m not a wedding photographer, but I am a professional photographer, and I know people who have experienced the horror stories. It’s worth getting a professional in this area. I’m not talking about someone like me, I’m talking a true wedding photographer.
    On a side note, I find it a bit hilarious that the wedding stream video was taken down due to copyright issues. Sally is going to be piiiiissed…. She was kinda a camera hog, but we loved her.

  23. You lookeed so gorgeous on your wedding! So glad it was perfect! BTW the song in the video kept making me think my phone was vibrating and it was kind of driving me crazy 😅

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