Hi, welcome to the sh-t show that is me attempting to program a wedding! Hope you keep with me by means of this. Let me know in the comments if there’s something particular you’d like to see or hear me speak about!

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  1. Jerilyn Alexandra

    Whaaaat ???? $68 per person ?? In Miami it’s $135 per person . 😨 where you at I’m about to have my wedding over there where you live 😩

  2. RossyMoneva

    Ok, I subscribe! You are just super amazing, smart and funny and real and I soo need a friend like you!! You are the real deal! 🙂

  3. evelynn jacinnto

    This was the most nonchalant wedding planning I’ve seen and I’ve seen many on YouTube since I’m in the process of planning my wedding. It was fun and a little bit relaxing for me strange but it was.

  4. secret weapon

    for alterations and other stuff or if you change your mind haha. And bridesmaid dresses you gotta get in advanced to haha

  5. Oh my gosh watching you try to plan all this by yourself is just giving me immense anxiety and stress even though I’m not even close to getting married I mean I don’t even have a boyfriend lol

  6. Hannah Provence

    our wedding is simple, a quick regestry office job with just our parents on friday and then on saterday we are having like all our family and friends around and we are just having a potluck dinner and a pub quiz and then loads of desserts and cakes all made by friends and stuff its comming to under £400

  7. WHAT?! Fast food for a wedding?! Omg those Americans are f*cking mad… better have no food just snacks and drinks…

  8. I feel your pain! Getting married in October 2017…second time around. Now I remember why I disappeared off any got married on the quiet first time…soooo much easier!

  9. BrightonDestiny

    Can relate to this some much, lol, I’m planning my wedding right now and I’m clueless. Loved this so much.

  10. Erika DiBlasi

    This video = all my thoughts the past few months 🙂 *slowly dying inside*

  11. Shira Nicole

    just found your channel! love your personality. I’m planning a wedding and have the exact same why??!?! questions! new subscriber!!

  12. WHAT?! Fast food for a wedding?! Omg americans are f*cking mad… better have no food just snacks and drinks bar thing…Omg the whole video is like wtf… You are better off not to have a typical wedding and just have a party separate to your registration (what my husband and I did).. Otherwise this is so cheapskate and gonna end being horrible.

  13. I relate to this video so much! I’m trying to plan my wedding right now and I ask why constantly. I have no idea what I am doing. When my parents got engaged my grandpa said here’s some money, run away and get married. So they did. My mother wore a pale green skirt suit thing with a blazer that had huge shoulder pads and my dad wore basic dress pants and button up. They got married in a tiny town miles from home and then went off roading in their Jeep Wrangler for a week. Never had a reception. Wedding planning is crazy complicated and just annoying. Thank you for posting this video, I feel less alone!

  14. KiiKii Ashuntay

    Watching this in 2017, and I have The Knot app. It’s giving me some serious anxiety. I literally might just go hire Chipotle, too. $13 a head?! That’s the best estimate I’ve heard all day!

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